TV Shows Like Game of Thrones to Binge-Watch

Winter is here. And I’m not talking about the Night King and the White Walkers. I’m talking about the abyss created by the end of Game of Thrones Season 7. What now? Lucky for you, I have a big list of TV shows like Game of Thrones to binge-watch until Tormund and the gang return.

Like Outlander Try these romantic TV shows.

Claire and Jamie Fraser are a fan-favorite couple. Their romance is epic, to say the least. But what do you do during Droughtlander? If you love Outlander, give these romantic TV shows a try.

Once Upon a Time Characters We Love to Hate Blog

Evil Queen. Rumplestiltskin. Belle? Disney’s fairy tale characters come to life on Once Upon a Time, but not all of them are fan-favorites. Here’s my list of 10 Once Upon a Time characters we love to hate.

Ambient Sounds for Geeks

Sometimes it’s hard to focus. Studies have shown that ambient sounds and background noise helps you stay focused on your work. (So that’s why I like writing at Starbucks so much!) I took it one step further and put together a big list of ambient sounds for geeks to help you focus and take you to another time and place.

Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County Blog

When you’re a Potterhead like I am, you see the wizarding world everywhere. In fact, I found seven places (seven is the most magical number) in Pennsylvania Amish country that seem like they’re straight out of the Harry Potter books. Check out Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County: A Muggle’s Guide.

Top 5 Disney Sing-along Movies Blog

After Frozen buried the box office in its snowy splendor, Disney released a sing-along version to movie theaters. (Everyone was singing along, anyway!) Whether you’re hosting a birthday or looking for a fun family night, these top 5 Disney sing-along movies will keep the party humming.

Most under-rated Chris Evans Movies

Before he became famous worldwide for playing Captain America, Chris Evans was kind of the go-to actor for good-looking goofballs. He has fantastic comedic timing that you wouldn’t expect because of his leading-man looks, especially in these 3 most under-rated Chris Evans movies.