Harry Potter Halloween Party Blog

Just because you’ve never held a glue gun a day in your life, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home to look like Hogwarts. Here are dozens of ideas for throwing a spooky Harry Potter Halloween party.

Handy Amazons Alexa Skills Blog

How many times have you wished that you had a personal assistant? Someone who could keep your calendar straight and remind you of all those itty-bitty tasks you need to do? Alexa is here to help! Let me show you how Amazon’s Alexa skills can help free up some brain space.

Best Historical Fiction Books Set in England Blog

History was never my best subject. As a student, I had a devil of a time trying to remember who did what and when. Then, I discovered historical fiction! These historical fiction books set in England taught me more about British history, and even colonial U.S. history, than I ever learned in school.

Outlander Dinner Menu Blog

Dinna fash, lassie! I’ve got a braw Outlander dinner menu for your next viewing party. Get the full list of recipes, along with photos and tips for how to prepare these Outlander-inspired dishes.

Short Horror Films Blog

Are you jonesing for a scare, but you’re short on time? These five short horror films pack a lot of punch in just a few minutes. The best part? They’re all available online.

Game of Thrones Extended Universe Blog

According to HBO, Game of Thrones Season 8 won’t premiere until possibly 2019. That’s a long time to wait! Return to Westeros in these books, maps and bonus extras that are part of the Game of Thrones extended universe.

Once Upon a Time Characters We Love to Hate Blog

Evil Queen. Rumplestiltskin. Belle? Disney’s fairy tale characters come to life on Once Upon a Time, but not all of them are fan-favorites. Here’s my list of 10 Once Upon a Time characters we love to hate.

Ambient Sounds for Geeks

Sometimes it’s hard to focus. Studies have shown that ambient sounds and background noise helps you stay focused on your work. (So that’s why I like writing at Starbucks so much!) I took it one step further and put together a big list of ambient sounds for geeks to help you focus and take you to another time and place.


Top 5 Disney Sing-along Movies Blog

After Frozen buried the box office in its snowy splendor, Disney released a sing-along version to movie theaters. (Everyone was singing along, anyway!) Whether you’re hosting a birthday or looking for a fun family night, these top 5 Disney sing-along movies will keep the party humming.