Funko’s Pop! Vinyl figures are absolutely adorable and totally collectible. The Suicide Squad Pops are no exception.

Pops (which are not bobbleheads, but based on the same design concept) have huge heads for their bodies, much like babies. Their heads are shaped like rounded blocks and take up about half of their full size. Their eyes are only black circles. Their costumes are minimalist, with just enough details to clue you into their identity. At $9.99 —  a nice price that’s mathematically simple to add — Pops are also easy to collect.

When cast members of Game of Thrones started posing with their Pop mini-selves, Funko was solidified as the cool, geek collectible to own. Instagram users saw their feeds flood with Game of Thrones actors posing with Daenerys, Tyrion, Jon Snow and many more.

Pop in a Box

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti created an irresistible design in 2010. He took four protoypes to the San Diego Comic-Con: Green Lantern, Batgirl and two different Batman Pops. According to Rolling Stone, he received some negative feedback. But he also got enough positive feedback to start producing a product. At the time, he had licenses for three major product lines — Marvel, DC and Star Wars. Now, Funko’s Pop! Vinyls include figures from hundreds of licenses.

Hundreds and hundreds of figures later, we have the Suicide Squad Pops. The Suicide Squad Pops are based on the look of the characters in the Suicide Squad movie. Each one stands 3 3/4 inches tall and comes packaged in a window display box.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is featured in her red and blue outfit complete with her bat and dyed pigtails.

The Harley Quinn Pop! Vinyl is decked out in her trademark red and blue. (Funny how those colors so closely match those of Captain America, a Marvel character.) Her t-shirt reads Daddy’s Lil Monster. Although, in her case, Daddy is the Joker and he made her go crazy.

Before she became Harley Quinn, she was psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel. She worked at Arkham Asylum, where the Joker was doing time. He drove her so crazy, he could control her. She fell in love with him and became a super-villain. She’s got a super bubbly personality that keeps her opponents off-guard. Psychotic Harley Quinn does it all for “her puddin’.”

The Joker

Joker is featured in his Arkham pants, purple gloved hand, and tattooed chest.

The Joker Pop! Vinyl represents a completely different Joker than we’ve seen before. This Joker shed his purple tux to show off his cut torso. He’s covered in tattoos, including “Damaged” on his forehead. He still bears his trademark colors, in his noxious green hair and his purple glove. You can tell he’s an escaped convict, thanks to his “Arkham” sweat pants.

The Joker is the most recognizable Gotham villain. (Do not mistake him for the Riddler. Different villain.) The Joker thrives on creating chaos. His tortured past has been hinted, and is manifested in his crazy schemes. In the comics, he killed Robin, crippled Batgirl, and tortured and killed lots of innocent Gotham residents. What’s that line? “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Bingo!


Deadshot is featured unmasked and suited for battle.

This little Deadshot Pop! Vinyl is one of two that were created for the character. In this version — which resembles Will Smith, who plays Deadshot in Suicide Squad — Deadshotis wearing his trademark red and black suit. “I am the light — the way” is written on his favorite rifle, no doubt referring to the scripture in the Bible, John 14:6.

Deadshot isn’t the cut and dry villain that the Joker is. He’s a mercenary, an assassin. Before Batman helped lock him up, Deadshot took pride in killing his marks with the least amount of bullets and fuss as possible. He’s an uncanny marksman, thus earning him the nickname Deadshot. Not much is known about his past. He is the de facto leader of the Suicide Squad, probably because of his military training. The strangest aspect of his personality, other than his disregard for human life, is that he has a burning death wish to go out in a blaze of glory. (We saw Deadshot on Arrow.)


El Diablo is featured with his iconic tattooed face and baseball jacket.
The Diablo Pop! Vinyl is wearing a shirt and jacket, so we can’t see his tatts. We can see, however, that he has tattooed his face to resemble a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) mask. (What do those hash marks mean? Uh oh.) His name is tattooed on his chin and embroidered on his jacket.

El Diablo was given pryotechnic powers. To seek revenge on his enemies, he burned down a building. When he realized that building had held innocent women and children, he went quietly to prison to pay for his sins.


Katana is masked and armed for battle. The Katana Pop! Vinyl is easily recognizable, thanks to her mask that looks like the flag of Japan. She’s holding her trademark sword — the Soultaker — and wears more weapons at her waist.

Katana, a.k.a. Tatsu Yamashiro is a vigilante. She’s a good guy. She’s there to keep the members of the Suicide Squad in check. She became Katana after the death of her husband, at the hands of the Yakuza. Her husband’s soul, and the souls of many more victims, are trapped in he sword, Soultaker. She continues to fight in hopes of freeing those souls, and her husband’s.


Captain Boomerang is featured battered, but ready for more in his blue 'Captain' jacket and his weapon of choice.
The Boomerang Pop! Vinyl is holding the weapon that earned him his moniker. His little blue hoodie says “Captain,” as in Captain Boomerang. His boots are held together with duct tape.

Boomerang is a jerk. He’s racist and nasty, causing all kind of friction within the Suicide Squad. He grew up in Australia. He was originally a performer, performing tricks with boomerangs. As he grew, he started using them as weapons. His boomerangs are much like the Green Arrows arrows. He makes boomerangs that explode, slice and dice. He usually clashes with The Flash, not Batman.

Rick Flag

Rick Flag is suited and armed to keep everyone in line.
The Rick Flag Pop! Vinyl is as clean cut as the character it represents. He’s dressed in camo green and sports a buzz cut.

Rick Flag is a highly trained army soldier. He resents having to babysit a bunch of criminals. (You can tell he’s angry by his furrowed eyebrows. Oh, wait. Those are pretty standard.)

Killer Croc

Killer Croc is armed at the teeth and ready for battle

The Killer Croc Pop! Vinyl isn’t as smooth as the other Suicide Squad Pops, thanks to his reptilian skin. He’s wearing a cool hoodie, emblazoned with a dragon.

Killer Croc was born with a rare genetic disorder that makes his skin look like a crocodile’s. His skin is nearly impenetrable. He also inherited some abilities with the disorder, like super strength and speed. His reflexes are dangerously fast.

Deadshot (Masked)

Deadshot is suited and armed in his iconic red and black outfit and silver face mask.

This Deadshot Pop! Vinyl shows the assassin wearing a mask that’s fitted with special device. The device helps him see his target at a distance or in the dark. This is the variant of the regular version of the Deadshot Pop! Vinyl.