Adventure Time: Card Wars

‘Adventure Time: Card Wars’ DVD

The Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD is a themed DVD that includes episodes from different seasons. The result is a mixed bag of episodes, with varying entertainment value.

Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward, is a trippy cartoon on Cartoon Network. Finn is a human boy, and his companion is Jake, a shap-shifting dog. They travel through Kingdoms, helping people (creatures) and defeating monsters. Peabody Award-winning Adventure Time premiered on the Cartoon Network in 2010. It’s won four Emmy Awards and received numerous other awards and nominations. Now in its seventh season, Adventure Time has continues to be a fan-favorite series, with an average of more than two million viewers per episode through its first six complete seasons, according to Cartoon Network.

Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD was released a week after a new Adventure Time episode, “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars,” aired on Cartoon Network. No doubt Cartoon Network is looking to capitalize on the hype surround a new episode release. But the theme of the episodes on this DVD is barely a thread. Some of the episodes revolve around games, others revolve around wars. But overall, Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD seems like a random collection of episodes.

The episodes included are: “Card Wars,” “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars,” “What was Missing,” “Up a Tree,” “A Glitch is a Glitch,” “Nemisis,” “Evergreen,” “Everything’s Jake,” “The Diary,” “Dentist,” “Varmints,” “Football,” “Crossover,” “(The) Hall of Egress,” “Flute Spell” and “The Thin Yellow Line.”

Adventure Time’s “Card Wars” episode is considered a fan-favorite. The episode is about Jake and Finn playing a turn-based card game, like Magic the Gathering. “Card Wars” is also about Finn making sure Jake doesn’t go nanners if he loses the game. From BMO’s insight, to the Dweeb and Cool Guy drinks, to the virtual gameplay of Jake’s game — Card Wars — die-hard fans have plenty to obsess about. For a casual fan, or someone new to Adventure Time, “Card Wars” plays like an ad for actual game that’s available to purchase.

In fact, the DVD includes an exclusive Card Wars playing card, that’s compatible with the Card Wars Doubles Tournament tabletop game coming in August.


Once you get past “Card Wars,” however, Adventure Time: Card Wars has some real gems in its episode list.

“What Was Missing” is one of the best episodes on this DVD, for a few reasons. First, the gang gets back together in order to defeat the Door Lord. Meaning, we get Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and BMO, working together. Second, they sing! Well, Marceline does, while everyone backs her up on a variety of instruments. Any time Marceline sings, in this case the song is “I’m Just Your Problem,” it’s a good episode.

“Dentist” is easily one of the most entertaining, if not disturbing, episodes on the Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD. Finn gets a toothache, but the dentist is actually a bunch of ants. The ants are led by General Tarsal, who makes a deal with Jake. If Jake helps them defeat an army of evil worms, they will fix his teeth. Believe it or not, the episode gets stranger from there. The twists and turns, and battle action, make “Dentist” highly entertaining.

“Nemesis” is another great episode, simply because it focuses on Peppermint Butler. Peppermint Butler is one of my favorite characters, mainly because he has a funny nickname — Pep But. But this episode gives us a peek into Peppermint Butler’s personality, and his life outside the castle.

My favorite episode on Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD is “Varmints.” This is an episode that digs deep into the relationship between Bonnibel Bubblegum (Princess Bubblegum) and Marceline the Vampire Queen. We find out that their relationship goes back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Plus, we normally see Marceline having bouts of depression. In “Varmints,” we see PB struggling with her responsibilities, the betrayal of the Candy Kingdom, and how her life seems to have gotten out of control. (Man, I want one of those shotguns, right? It does everything!) The action, the dialogue, and the jokes, make “Varmints” my favorite on this DVD.

Earlier I said that Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD was a mixed bag of episodes. That means that some of them aren’t very entertaining.

As I said above, “Card Wars” is about as fun as watching paint dry. If you’re the kind of fan who has seen every episode, possibly twice, then you probably love “Card Wars.” But for someone who’s just looking to watch a fun cartoon, it’s painful.


Another boring episode is “Up a Tree.” In true Adventure Time style, the episode is about an existential crisis, with very little storyline. “In the tree, part of the tree” could be the mantra of the corporate world, or a religion, or pretty much any group that has an obsession.

“The Hall of Egress” is one of those episodes that makes me crazy. It’s a seemingly endless sequence of bizarre settings and very little story. While watching it, I take on Finn and Jake’s frustration. The best part of this episode is the relief you feel when it ends.

“Football,” when BMO switches places with his reflection, is another episode that hurts my brain. I love BMO, but watching him talk to himself as if his reflection is real gets old quick. It’s funny, and interesting, for about five minutes. Luckily, the episodes is only 12 minutes long.

Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD has its ups and downs, when it comes to entertaining episodes. Adventure Time: Card Wars DVD has zero extras, but it does include the brand-new episode, “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars.”

Adventure Time Card Wars DVD Review

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  1. I have never really been a huge Adventure Time fan. I do like that they have an episode based off Magic the Gathering, that’s pretty cool.

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