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The X-Files Season 10 "Home Again"

‘The X-Files’ Season 10, X-Flop?

The X-Files Season 10 created a lot of expectations. Because the original series has become legendary, and Mulder and Scully are folk heroes by now. Then Chris Carter’s 10th season (Season X, so to say) arrived in six neat little packages. A bit like a pilot series for a new show. And it wasn’t very good. […]

What is cosplay? Be a Hero for a Day!

What is cosplay?

So, what is cosplay? Isn’t that just a bunch of kids trying to dress up like manga characters? Yes, cosplay often has a very close affinity to Japanese pop culture, and that is indeed very much dominated by manga (Japanese graphic novels), anime (Japanese animated films), and video games (which often share aesthetics with the […]

The Caduceus and the Swastika Book Review

‘The Caduceus and the Swastika’ Book Review

They say that first impressions don’t get a second chance – and The Caduceus and the Swastika already took a hit with its cover. My initial reaction was “What the …?”, as it made no sense to have a Hitler Youth uniform on the cover of a novel dealing with adults. And adding a stethoscope […]


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