Netflix is an entertainment god. What started as a DVD rental service morphed into the most important video streaming service on the planet. But like any all-powerful god, Netflix can be tricky to deal with sometimes.

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Here is a gigantic Netflix FAQ (frequently asked questions) based on the most popular internet searches related to Netflix. Instead of making you scroll for days, I split the Netflix FAQ into different sections. Click one of these links to get started.

Netflix originals: What to watch, DVDs, Marvel shows ranked

Netflix movies: What to watch, Oscar awards, Harry Potter

Watching Netflix: Downloads, Devices, Game Consoles

Your Netflix account: Find your list, Netflix plans, giving Netflix as a gift, troubleshooting

Netflix history: When and how Netflix was founded, Netflix and chill origin

Netflix vs. the others: Pros and cons of the biggest streaming services out there

I hope you got a lot out of the FAQ! If you’ve become a Netflix expert, download this .PDF that has hundreds of Netflix secret codes. No, not codes to get you free Netflix. These are codes for sub-genres of sub-genres, to save you time searching for something to watch. Plus, I share tips for getting better picture quality and how to manager your “to watch” list. Download my Netflix guide here.

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Questions? Tweet me @realmediamedusa or email me at [email protected]. I’ll be happy to add it to this Netflix FAQ. As the service evolves over time, I’m sure we’ll find other questions to answer.

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