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Facebook Events: Find Something Local To Do When You’re Bored

Facebook Events have become my de facto party planner. Okay, when I say “party,” I really mean “a quiet place to drink coffee and read and pray no one talks to me.” Regardless of what “party” means to you, I guarantee you’ll find some interesting events near you just by using Facebook Events. Typically, I […]

Marvel's The Defenders Entertainment Weekly

‘The Defenders’ Dinner Menu Is All About The Hand

The Hand is the focus of Marvel’s The Defenders as much as the superheroes. This Marvel’s The Defenders dinner menu reflects the eclectic culture and origins of members of The Hand. After Media Medusa’s Outlander dinner menu blog post was such a bit hit, Mariannette Calon-Munoz, our contributor, was anxious to create another pop culture-themed dinner menu. She […]

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Ideas for a Spooky Harry Potter Halloween Party

Throwing a spooky Harry Potter Halloween party is as easy as Divination class, even if you’re more Filch than Fleur. Awin, the company that runs the Etsy affiliate program, is running a contest for Etsy affiliates. Media Medusa is an Etsy affiliate, so I thought it would be fun to jump in. (Disclaimer: If you […]

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Alexa Skills for Movies – Times, Quotes and More

Did you know Amazon has several Alexa skills for movies? Someone at Amazon is a movie buff, because they know just what a movie junkie like me wants out of my Amazon Echo Dot. I tested a lot of Alexa skills for movies to find the ones that were the most helpful and the most […]


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