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How to read Media Medusa on Flipboard.

How to Read Media Medusa in Flipboard

I’ve been asked several times why Media Medusa doesn’t have an app. There are a few different reasons. First, the blog looks pretty good in browsers on mobile devices. If it was unreadable or unwieldy, I would be more likely to consider making a Media Medusa app. The other reasons are the same reasons people […]

Smartphone charging / r. nial bradshaw

Matching Phone Wallpaper and Movie Ringtone

Coordinating a phone wallpaper and movie ringtone is a big part of my geek lifestyle. I like surrounding myself with all the fandom things I love, like Harry Potter and Captain America merch, so why wouldn’t I have a matching phone wallpaper and movie ringtone? Deadpool Phone Wallpaper and Movie Ringtone The day after I watched Deadpool, I […]

Woman with Headphones / Nickolai Kashirin

Your Year in Music on Spotify

Do you listen to Spotify? Even if you’re not a daily listener, Spotify knows your music tastes. Every time you skip a song or click + to add a song to your favorites, you’re giving Spotify clues to your likes and dislikes in music. Your stats are compiled even if you aren’t a subscriber and […]


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