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Hermione and Harry Potter Look Alikes

Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill – Pics and Tips

I’ve wanted to go to the Harry Potter festival in Chestnut Hill since a friend of mine shared it on Facebook a few years ago. After hearing about it only a couple times, THIS year I had multiple friends sharing it on my Facebook page or tagging me. I was already dying to go! So, […]

Save Against Fear Gaming Table

Save Against Fear Con Wrap-up

The Save Against Fear con is “a 3 day tabletop gaming convention to raise awareness for not only therapeutic gaming, but also the Bodhana Group’s mission of reducing the impact of sexual abuse,” according to their Facebook page. Emily Bowman, of Tomboy Togs, attended Save Against Fear last weekend, and gave us an in-depth report. What […]


Geek Day is July 31 Thanks to GeekyCon

Thousands of Geeks from across the country will unite in Orlando to celebrate their obsession with everything nerdy at the seventh annual GeekyCon, one of the largest and most recognized conventions for fans of fantasy films, television shows and young adult books. In recognition of this geeky gathering, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs has officially […]


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