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Central PA Comic Con Cosplay / Tilted Kilt Productions

Central PA Comic Con Cosplay on Instagram

The Central PA Comic Con cosplay scene was all over Instagram. Cosplayers shared not only their own costumes, but also their other favorites. Each day, there was a contest for the Central PA Comic Con cosplay. The contests were broken into professional and amateur categories, as well as by age. I spotted an awesome Boba […]

Comic Con Appearances

Comic Con Appearances for Nancy Basile

Comic Cons are where fans of a variety of fandoms get together and geek out over stars, cosplay and merch. Wizard World has the market cornered, essentially,when it comes to big conventions. And, of course, everyone knows about International Comic Con in San Diego. New York Comic Con is getting just as big. Meanwhile, in […]

Anime Vendor

Essential Guide Book for Anime Vendors

This post brought to you by Anime Vendor. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Media Medusa. Anime and manga are becoming more and more popular around the world, as more people discover the genre’s amazing art and compelling stories. You can see crowds of well-dressed cosplayers at conventions around the world. A lot […]


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