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Cosplay Rules Everyone Should Know

A list of cosplay rules from contributor Amy Peters, based on years of her experience. Kids dress up for Halloween, but as many people get older, walking around in costumes seems to be one of those things that falls by the wayside. Sure, there were always folks who wore Star Fleet uniforms or Klingon forehead […]

Find a cosplay store online

The Cosplay Store Online That Will Surprise You

Whether you’re into cosplay or planning a one-time costume for Halloween, a cosplay store online will have all the costume pieces and props to help your character come to life. Amazon Amazon is my favorite online store for, well, everything. Whether I need paper clips, cereal, iPhone accessories or a (gasp!) book, Amazon is always my […]

What is cosplay? Be a Hero for a Day!

What is cosplay?

So, what is cosplay? Isn’t that just a bunch of kids trying to dress up like manga characters? Yes, cosplay often has a very close affinity to Japanese pop culture, and that is indeed very much dominated by manga (Japanese graphic novels), anime (Japanese animated films), and video games (which often share aesthetics with the […]

Harley Quinn Merch - Harleen Tank

Harley Quinn Everyday Cosplay

Whether you’re ready to get romantic, or thumbing your nose at lovers everywhere, Harley Quinn merch can help you display the right attitude. Harley Quinn is a sassy, sexy DC villain. She’s usually seen on the arm of the Joker, but sometimes she commits crime in Gotham all on her own. She started out as […]

Anime Vendor

Essential Guide Book for Anime Vendors

This post brought to you by Anime Vendor. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Media Medusa. Anime and manga are becoming more and more popular around the world, as more people discover the genre’s amazing art and compelling stories. You can see crowds of well-dressed cosplayers at conventions around the world. A lot […]


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