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Cosplay Rules Everyone Should Know

A list of cosplay rules from contributor Amy Peters, based on years of her experience. Kids dress up for Halloween, but as many people get older, walking around in costumes seems to be one of those things that falls by the wayside. Sure, there were always folks who wore Star Fleet uniforms or Klingon forehead […]


Geek Day is July 31 Thanks to GeekyCon

Thousands of Geeks from across the country will unite in Orlando to celebrate their obsession with everything nerdy at the seventh annual GeekyCon, one of the largest and most recognized conventions for fans of fantasy films, television shows and young adult books. In recognition of this geeky gathering, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs has officially […]

Zenkaikon Cosplay / meahtsingan

Zenkaikon 2016 Cosplay on Instagram

I had the honor of speaking at Zenkaikon 2016 about blogging. Why was it a honor? Zenkaikon is incredibly organized. It has panels on just about everything you can think of, for all fandoms. And, Zenkaikon’s attendees were some of the nicest, most creative fans I’ve ever met. See also: How to attend conventions on […]


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