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Zenkaikon Cosplay / meahtsingan

Zenkaikon 2016 Cosplay on Instagram

I had the honor of speaking at Zenkaikon 2016 about blogging. Why was it a honor? Zenkaikon is incredibly organized. It has panels on just about everything you can think of, for all fandoms. And, Zenkaikon’s attendees were some of the nicest, most creative fans I’ve ever met. See also: How to attend conventions on […]

Find a cosplay store online

The Cosplay Store Online That Will Surprise You

Whether you’re into cosplay or planning a one-time costume for Halloween, a cosplay store online will have all the costume pieces and props to help your character come to life. See also: Custom Geek Gear for All Ages at Tomboy Togs Amazon Amazon is my favorite online store for, well, everything. Whether I need paper clips, […]

What is cosplay? Be a Hero for a Day!

What is cosplay?

So, what is cosplay? Isn’t that just a bunch of kids trying to dress up like manga characters? Yes, cosplay often has a very close affinity to Japanese pop culture, and that is indeed very much dominated by manga (Japanese graphic novels), anime (Japanese animated films), and video games (which often share aesthetics with the […]


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