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Ernest & Celestine / GKIDS / Cinedigm

‘Ernest & Celestine’ Review

Ernest & Celestine is a lovely, charming animated movie about how friendship can grow in unlikely places. Celestine is a curious and ambitious mouse, who longs to learn more about the world beyond her own. She especially wants to know more about the enemy of all mice, bears. Ernest is a down-on-his-luck bear, who is […]

CR: Bartek Ambrozik

Monsieur Caliente’s Saucy Theater of the Ribald

Naughty Ladies of Le Leche Okay, I’m going to say right off the bat that I think it’s gauche to review porn. Pornography can be intensely interesting to people even at its worst–bad lighting, wooden acting, spoiled film stock, inaudible dialogue, and laughable editing. And even at its best, Lord it ain’t good. People’s visual […]

Farscape / Jim Henson Productions

NEW ‘Farscape’ DVD to be Released

Farscape is a sci fi TV series from Australia that aired from 1999 to 2003. The series was nominated for a primetime Emmy in the United States, and won a handful of awards in Australia. On November 5, Jim Henson Productions is releasing a huge DVD. The collectors set includes 20 discs and enough bonus […]


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