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Saoirse Ronan and Beanie Feldstein in Lady Bird

5 Best Female Coming-of-Age Movies (According to a Man)

After seeing Lady Bird, Mike Brown (a man) weighs in on the best female coming-of-age movies. Disclosure: Media Medusa receives a commission if you purchase through the affiliate links on this post, at no extra cost to you. I recently saw Lady Bird, which was smart, funny, well acted and directed perfectly. Lady Bird is a small […]

A scene from Warner Bros. Pictures', Amblin Entertainment's and Village Roadshow Pictures' action adventure "READY PLAYER ONE," a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Ready Player One: You Don’t Need to Be a Gamer to Watch, But It Helps

Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the novel by Ernest Cline, is a mixed bag. One thing is for sure: You’ll enjoy it much more if you’re a gamer. (I haven’t read the book, so I can’t speak to how accurately the book is portrayed. I can only give you my opinion of the […]

General Leia looks out at the battle in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

In Defense of ‘The Last Jedi’ Issues

I loved Star Wars: The Last Jedi. One of the things I liked best about it was that it was extremely difficult to predict where the movie was going. After Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it seemed like there were roads that The Last Jedi could take: Luke as Yoda training Rey; the revelation of Rey’s […]

Stan Lee speaking at comic-con

Why Does Stan Lee Have a Cameo in Almost Every Marvel Movie?

Who is Stan Lee and why is he so important? To those who didn’t grow up as Mighty Marvel True Believers, a.k.a. Marvel comics fans, the name Stan Lee might not mean much. But to people who grew up reading comics, Stan Lee was sort of a fun uncle who told great stories and had […]

Black Panther Poster Throne

‘Black Panther’ Drops the Snark and Gets Real

I’ve been dying to see Black Panther since the first trailer dropped months ago. It did not disappoint. However, the trailer is slightly misleading, as most movie trailers are. Black Panther has action sequences aplenty, but it is not a typical Marvel movie. Black Planther plays more like the other origin stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, […]


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