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Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Marvel Studios

2014 Movies Wrap-Up: Hits and Misses

Last January I posted an article about the ten movies coming out in 2014 that I couldn’t wait to see. I enjoyed most of them, while a few left me disappointed. (Although no movie disappointed me nearly as much as Man of Steel in 2013.) Most of the movies I was looking forward to made it […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

8 Insights into the New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer

First off, it should be noted that I am a huge Star Wars fan. I have seen the first and second movies countless times, cry whenever someone mentions what happened to Boba Fett at the Sarlak pit, compare all great loves to Han and Leia, and my Reddit handle is SexyIG88. My point is that […]

Iron Man and Green Arrow / Marvel and DC

10 Thoughts On Marvel and DC Movie News

I recently wrote up some thoughts on DC’s recent movie announcements. But I thought it might be worth a minute to call out the main differences between DC and Marvel’s announcements, which my esteemed colleague the Media Medusa herself wrote about. This is probably an obvious point to start with, but I hope all the […]


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