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Bruce Springsteen / Shore Fire Media

Why a Bruce Springsteen Tour is Worth the Price

Bruce Springsteen is a huge part of my life. Before my son was born, I would drive to Philadelphia, Jersey, Columbus, Cleveland to lay my money down for the chance to see the man in action. For those of you who haven’t been, there ain’t no concert out there like a Springsteen concert. Bruce brings […]

Black Sabbath - Born Again

Discover Hidden Music Gems at Amazon

“Shopping” is one of those loaded words that can mean, essentially, almost complete opposite things to different people. For some, shopping is like grazing, standing in a vast expanse of shoes, comic books, or toys and just taking it all in and finding a zen, relaxed place, where the items speak to you without conscious […]

Elvis Recorded Live in Memphis

Bring a Little Elvis Into Your Life with This Live Recording

Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis Legacy Edition Review I believe that the RCA Legacy discs are doing a great service to me, you, rock and roll, and the inestimable memory of demigod Mr. Elvis Presley himself. Even people who don’t like Elvis should be at least forced to admit that his legacy is […]


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