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WIN 24: Legacy EXCLUSIVE Sweatshirt

WIN ’24: Legacy’ Hoodie!

Congratulations, Chris S.! She won the 24: Legacy hoodie from FOX. Sorry, this contest has ended. You can still sign up for our newsletter to receive new blog posts before they’re posted. In the meantime, we give you a guinea pig in existential crisis.

Geek Gear by Tomboy Togs

Tomboy Togs Has Geeks Covered

I can’t get enough geek gear, and recently I needed a quick, easy and clever costume for a Halloween concert. I wanted to be Harry Potter (natch), but I didn’t want to wear the full cloak and tie, because under the stage lights — whew! — it gets hot. Plus, I didn’t want to wear […]

Heat Changing Mugs

31+ Heat Changing Mugs for Geeks

Heat changing mugs are incredibly cool, and the perfect way to celebrate the fandom that makes you geek out. What are heat changing mugs? The effect is a lot like those pens from the ’70s, the ones that displayed a perfectly normal woman, until you tipped the pen. Then her clothes would disappear. But, heat changing mugs […]


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