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Riverdale Cast

9 Awesomely Addictive TV Shows Like ‘Riverdale’

Looking for TV shows like Riverdale? You and the rest of us who are hooked on the CW’s dark, teen drama. Riverdale is based — loosely based — on Archie comics. Most of the main characters come straight from the comic book’s pages: Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Josie and the Pussycats. Like Archie, Riverdale is […]

Game of Thrones Beach

Like ‘Game of Thrones?’ Try These Historical Fiction TV Shows

Which TV shows like Game of Thrones should you watch? Good question. It’s painful, isn’t it? When new Game of Thrones episodes run dry? The stabbing pain that leaves fans empty inside has prompted lots of people to ask, what now? What other TV shows that are like Game of Thrones can I watch? First, the bad news. […]

Outlander Jamie and Claire in bed.

Like ‘Outlander?’ Try These Romantic TV Shows

If you love Outlander, these five romantic TV shows, with or without nudie scenes, have the same dramatic thrills, set against a gorgeous backdrop in the United Kingdom. Recently I had a conversation with a casual fan of Outlander (I count anyone who hasn’t read the books as “casual”) about how much she liked the show […]


5 Best Lumpy Space Princess Scenes

Lumpy Space Princess scenes are my favorite moments in Adventure Time, and for good reason. She has no filter. She speaks her mind, regardless of who’s listening and whose feelings she hurts. However, Lumpy Space Princess doesn’t have it easy. She’s had to forgo a lot of creature comforts after leaving Lumpy Space behind. And she has […]


HBO Now Binge-Watch List and Drinking Games

For years, people were tied to their cable TV just so they could watch Game of Thrones. Now, HBO has a stand-alone service through an app called HBO NOW. When you sign up for HBO NOW, you can watch all that HBO offers, without having to do it through a cable or satellite service. You can […]


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