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Our 'iZombie' review finds the show is surprisingly brainy

‘iZombie’ Review: Surprisingly Brainy

Our iZombie review looks at the TV show’s origin material, the writing, and the veteran executive producer behind the CW series. Pilot episodes are always trouble because they usually don’t quite have the tone of the series captured. I’ve seen lots of good pilots that by the third episode were just another crappy TV show. So […]

Todd Alan Crain CR: Ronnie Nelson

Todd Alan Crain is Having a Moment

You’ve probably seen actor Todd Alan Crain on TV, but you didn’t know his name. He’s guest-starred in high profile TV shows, like Broad City and Orange is the New Black. He’s also appeared in scads of commercials. He’s a funny guy with an amazing baritone voice. After this interview, you’ll be searching for him every time […]

New Girl and Mindy Project

One Year Later, ‘Mindy Project’ and ‘New Girl’ Resume Greatness Yet Again

I am not happy about summer being over. I miss the warmth, the sun on my face, the fields of clover in which I danced shoeless. But one thing I am happy about in the cold autumn nights? New Girl is back! And the state of the New Girl is strong! Keep me warm, Zooey […]


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