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Doctor Who

“Time Heist” Recap of ‘Doctor Who’

The episode was fantastic in a sort of Memento way, working backwards to reveal the reason for the heist. However, as a fan it was slightly predictable. Still, the clever writing prevailed throughout, and some of my favorite lines are merely in passing at the end of the episode in the Tardis. Next week, the Doctor […]

Netflix screen

What to Watch on Netflix, Marvel Shows Ranked and More

Wondering what to watch on Netflix? You and the rest of the civilized world. Netflix has so many choices that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Plus, if you miss a show, can you buy it on DVD? What about those Marvel shows? Are they any good? This guide will answer these questions and more about […]

Outlander Gift Guide

‘Outlander’ Gift Guide

My Outlander gift guide is here to help newbies and die-hard fans find a wee bit o’ Scotland for their own. Disclosure: I’m affiliated with some of the websites linked in this blog post. I will make a small commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you. Outlander began as a best-selling […]

13 Ways 'The Flash' is Wasting Iris West

13 Ways ‘The Flash’ is Wasting Iris West

In just three seasons of The Flash, the characters have been through a lot of changes. I’m always impressed when a TV show doesn’t drag out a story. That means the writers’ imaginations are primed and they have a lot more stories to tell. Barry matured and tapped into the Speed Force; Cisco became Vibe; Caitlin is on […]

American Gods Header

Like ‘American Gods?’ Try These Trippy TV Shows

These TV shows like American Gods will thrill and confuse you until it returns to STARZ. American Gods is TV series that premiered in 2017. It’s based on the titular novel by Neil Gaiman. If you’re not familiar with Neil Gaiman, he is famous for writing Sandman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane […]


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