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Picture shows: David Bamber as Captain Quell, Christopher Dane as McKean, Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, Frank Skinner as Perkins and Daisy Beaumont as Maisie

“The Mummy on the Orient Express” Recap and Review for ‘Doctor Who’

“The Mummy on the Orient Express” made me mad. Hello, my name is Tori, I’m a huge Whovian, and I am MAD. Last week, we had what I’d call one of the finest definitive Clara moments in her telling the Doctor essentially to shove it, and this week we get… Clara on a train? I was […]


Did Outlander TV Series Faithfully Rep the Books?

Does the Outlander TV series faithfully represent the books? Or have the characters and the plot lines gone too far astray? Let’s take a look at the Outlander TV series, in comparison to Diana Gabaldon’s wonderful novels. Outlander Books I began reading the Outlander books in 2005 after a glorious trip to Scotland. After I returned, […]

Doctor Who

“Time Heist” Recap of ‘Doctor Who’

The episode was fantastic in a sort of Memento way, working backwards to reveal the reason for the heist. However, as a fan it was slightly predictable. Still, the clever writing prevailed throughout, and some of my favorite lines are merely in passing at the end of the episode in the Tardis. Next week, the Doctor […]

Derek Review / Netflix

‘Derek’ Review – Ricky Gervais

A Derek review is in order, because the British comedy-drama is now available to the American audience. Let the Fremdscham begin! The series is helmed by Ricky Gervais, the world’s reigning President of Horribly Uncomfortable Situations. It is set in a nursing care facility and, like Gervais’s most famous program, The Office, filmed mockmentary style. No one does […]

Programme Name: Inside No. 9 - TX: 05/02/2014 - Episode: Generics (No. Generics) - Picture Shows: (L-R) Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton - (C) BBC - Photographer: Richard Ansett

‘Inside No. 9’ Review

Our Inside No. 9 review notes that the British dark comedy series, took some unexpected turns. Written, produced, and starring Reese Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton—two names that most Americans would say, “huh?” about if asked—have previously done cult favorites The League of Gentlemen and Psychoville. I’ve seen with their other works, but I should have […]

True Detective / HBO

‘True Detective’ Review

True Detective is a hard-boiled detective show on HBO. Set in 1995 and 2012, the show keeps things interesting with constantly switching perspectives, although 1995 Louisiana seems a lot like the ’70s. The show stars Matthew McConaughey as Rust Cohle and Woody Harrelson as Martin Hart, both Louisiana state police detectives. Both actors fully inhabit […]

Black Sails / Starz

‘Black Sails’ Review

Black Sails premiered last Saturday night on Starz with 2.6 million viewers. Saturday night is an unusual time to broadcast a series that’s meant to be a dramatic success. Saturday night timeslots are typically reserved for previously released movies, reality TV or re-runs of shows the network is looking to burn off. Perhaps, then, the […]

Superjail! Gunning for Glory

‘Superjail!’ Review

Superjail! looks like a poor man’s Metalocalypse. It uses lots of disturbing Satanic imagery, blood and gore. But the premise is more interesting: The world’s worst criminals locked away in the world’s craziest prison. Seemingly, this setting would allow for a lot of great storytelling. But Superjail!, sadly, isn’t about telling a story, but about […]


‘Jack Taylor’ Review

Our Jack Taylor review compares the TV series to the popular book series. One great thing about Netflix is that occasionally some great foreign show that no one has ever heard of seems to come out of nowhere. One such show is Jack Taylor, which Netflix recommended to me because I watch a lot of British […]

The Wild Thornberrys / Nickelodeon

‘The Wild Thornberrys’ Guide

The Wild Thornberrys premiered in September 1998 and aired until 2004 with reruns airing on Nicktoons and CBS from 2002-2007. The Wild Thornberrys is full of laughs for the whole family. Though the children can be a bit cheeky at times, they are smart and thoughtful. Throw in all the interaction with animals, and the series will […]

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness / Nickelodeon

‘Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness’ Review

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness follows the further adventures of Po, the energetic, enthusiastic, legendary Dragon Warrior panda, from DreamWorks Animation’s hit movie franchise, Kung Fu Panda. Po grows into the role of the Dragon Warrior and is aided by his mentor Shifu and the Furious Five: Tigress, Mantis, Crane, Monkey and Viper. As […]

Modern Toss / IFC

‘Modern Toss’ Review

Modern Toss premiered in the United States on IFC on March 17, 2009. Previously, the show aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on 2004. The TV series is based on the creators’ comic and website, also titled Modern Toss. It’s not a show for the easily offended. Premise Modern Toss is a sketch […]

Napoleon Dynamite / FOX

‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Review

Napoleon Dynamite is a FOX cartoon that’s based on the Napoleon Dynamite movie, which was released in 2004 and became a cult classic. The animated comedy is  voiced by the film’s original actors. Napoleon Dynamite premiered on January 15, 2012. Characters Napoleon Dynamite is a 16-year-old boy convinced, for no apparent reason, that he is […]

The PJs / Adult Swim

‘The PJs’

The PJs premiered on the Fox network on October 8, 2000. The cartoon moved to the WB in 2000. Now The PJs airs on Adult Swim. The cartoon was created using stop-motion animation. The PJs iconic logo was a manhole cover. Premise Thurgood Stubbs lives with his wife Muriel in the housing project where he […]

Tripping the Rift: The Movie

‘Tripping the Rift: The Movie’

Tripping the Rift: The Movie takes our ship’s crew on a trip to space, where the evil Bobo learns that his daughter is carrying Captain Chode’s love child. In order to prevent this catastrophe, Bobo sends the Exterminator back in time to stop Chode from impregnating his daughter. Tripping the Rift was a late-night cartoon on […]

Spongebob Squarepants-It's A Spongebob Christmas

‘It’s a SpongeBob Christmas!’ Review

It’s a SpongeBob Christmas! is the first full-length, stop-motion animated episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. That means that in this episode, rather than using traditional, 2D animation that is drawn, colored and animated, the production team used 3D models of the characters and locations, snapping a shot every time they move a millimeter; then all of […]

The Story of Santa Claus

‘The Story of Santa Claus’ Review

The Story of Santa Claus, an animated, musical holiday special featuring the voices of Edward Asner, Betty White and Tim Curry revolves around a gentle toymaker whose only wish is to deliver a toy to every child on Christmas. The Story of Santa Claus was originally broadcast on December 4, 1996. Ed Asner (Up) is […]

Gift of the Night Fury / DreamWorks Animation

‘DreamWorks Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury’ Review

Gift of the Night Fury, which picks up where 2010’s How to Train Your Dragon left off, is excellent, in every way: animation, acting and story. The only thing wrong with the DreamWorks Dragons holiday special is that it was over too soon. I wanted more, more, more. Lucky for me a sequel to How […]

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic / The Hub / Hasbro

‘My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic’ Review

My Little Pony: Frienship Is Magic may be based on a line of toys, but this cartoon is anything but plastic. I confess I never watched the original cartoon, nor am I a fan of cartoons based on toys, but My Little Pony: Frienship Is Magic rises above other toy-based cartoons with thoughtful dialogue, intriguing […]

DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk / Cartoon Network

‘DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk’ Review

DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk premiered Tuesday, September 4 at 7:30 p.m. ET on Cartoon Network. The Academy Award-nominated film, How To Train Your Dragon, serves as the launching pad for the third episodic television series from DreamWorks Animation and its first-ever on Cartoon Network. (Penguins of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness […]


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