Did we spot some Daredevil Easter eggs in the first season? And possibly on Marvel’s Jessica Jones? Let’s call this, “Doors with Cardboard Signs, Part One.”

The Netflix Marvel series are headed to a team-up series (or movie?) called The Defenders, which I assume will be Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Danny Rand and very possibly an appearance by the Punisher (only supposition on my part). But there have certainly been a lot of Daredevil Easter eggs planted in both existing streaming series, Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Jessica Jones about what is coming for Jessica, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand the Iron Fist.



1. Stick kills a kid! It’s offscreen, but still… Stick kills a kid. That’s really, really bad. I don’t like Stick. Shouldn’t Matt have called the police? No one ever mentions it again.

The kid is called Black Sky in the show, and is probably The Hand, a group of Japanese assassins who have been around for thousands of years and are always fighting Daredevil. The Hand worship a “Beast,” who is both a person and a monster and the kid is probably some form of that. It’s sort of like a really evil Dalai Lama, a beast that is reborn when the last one falls (or some such thing). But still, they didn’t mention any of that except to say that it “wasn’t a kid.” So it might have been less shocking if we had seen any kind of hint that the kid wasn’t just a kid. This might be one of the Daredevil Easter eggs — that Stick is blind and wouldn’t have seen what we were seeing, which was just a kid. I wish that Stick hadn’t killed.

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But where I think it’s going, is that The Hand are similar to Hydra, in that they are a very powerful shadow organization that is very important in Japan. So it’s definitely someone that the Defenders could fight meaningfully.

2. Who is that guy with the scarred back who Stick talks to at the end of the episode?

That’s Stone from the comics. Although he seemed like Stick’s supervisor on the show, he is actually one of Stick’s pupils. He’s very, very tough. In the comics he can move energy around and can bring the recently departed back to life or heal injuries or kill people by stealing their energy. Oddly, Stick is a lot tougher than him. I think that’s a martial arts movie trope, don’t underestimate old, blind men.

Daredevil Easter Eggs

3. Nobu, the Japanese man in Fisk’s inner circle, dresses like a ninja and almost kills Matt. Um… what?

Nobu makes a few cracks about “who he represents” and that kind of thing. Again, I think we’re back to The Hand, the Japanese ninja assassins. I would not be surprised if there were some ramifications for Matt killing Nobu (Oh, I know, it sort of wasn’t Matt just killing him, but try explaining that to the assassin’s guild) in Season 2 with The Hand coming around (or maybe I should say future seasons). And don’t forget that Nobu wanted a whole city block. Why do The Hand want a city block? Well, there’s a comic series called Shadowland where The Hand live and work in New York City out of a place where everyone knows. It would be really weird in the more “real word” feel of the Netflix shows to have that happen, but who knows?

4. Did Madam Gao punch Matt and actually hurt him?

The Marvel Universe is a rich land of ripping off other genres. Just as The Hand probably originated from Frank Miller binge-watching Japanese cinema, there is an entire Chinese Kung Fu tradition in the Marvel Universe, probably begat from the Marvel bullpen watching thousands of Kung fu movies. The Kung Fu tradition has a crossover with another dimension where Kung Fu is the law of the land, K’un-Lun. Goa insinuates that she is from somewhere very far away, much farther than China, which is probably K’un-Lun, although why she would need Earth currency is beyond me. She mentions it’s not about the money, so I think that shoe hasn’t dropped yet. Maybe she’s buying gold with it? There is an Iron Fist series coming up on Netflix and I would be very surprised if we didn’t see Gao on it. Iron Fist is a guy named Danny Rand, who becomes the greatest champion of K’un-Lun, earning an actual iron fist, his chi channeled into a super punch. Interestingly, to achieve the iron fist, you have to wrestle a dragon. In the comics, Danny Rand Iron Fist is best friends with Luke Cage!

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5. Ben makes a crack about Karen Page not being a good witness. What’s up with that?

Porn. Drugs. She has a past in the comics and it seems likely that they are exploring that at least a little.

6. Goodness me! And she’s carrying around all that guilt from shooting Wesley, even though she couldn’t possibly have been more justified in shooting him?

Yes! It looks like we might get into that during Season 2. I loved that she didn’t mention to anyone that she killed Wesley.

I feel like Marvel’s Daredevil Season two will not explore most of this stuff– as the Punisher is the bad guy and he’s not a joiner, particularly with shadowy crime groups. But it will be interesting to see how much more we learn. One thing about Marvel, they are patient about getting their pieces into place for their team-up movies. I, for one, am very excited about the Defenders and hope it is a 13-episode series rather than a movie.