It’s an understandable question for Americans. What are the Downton Abbey and Harry Potter connections?

Downton Abbey fans, take note. Any British actor who becomes popular has to face the same question, over and over, from Americans: “Do you know so-and-so? She’s from England, too!” Because, of course, all British people know each other, right? It’s such a tiny island, everyone is bound to bump into Benedict Cumberbatch, or even one of the Princes, once in a while. Poppycock!

Regardless, two of the U.K.’s best exports do have connections. It is inevitable that Downton Abbey and the Harry Potter movies would have people and places in common.

One of the Downton Abbey and Harry Potter connections is Alnwick Castle, which was stood in as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and was the setting for the Downton Abbey Season 5 finale.

Visit the PBS Masterpiece website for five more Downton Abbey and Harry Potter connections.

Watch the video to see which Hogwarts house these Downton Abbey stars wind up in.

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