There’s plenty of superhero merch out there to help you dress like Captain America.

Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America (or Cap’ to his close friends, like me) is my favorite Avenger. There is no gray area between right and wrong for “the old man.” Captain America loves his job and he’s proud to do it. Plus, he brings the hurt like a boss.

If you’re looking to jazz up your ensemble to dress up like Captain America, maybe for a con or for a fun night out, these items will give you the look of Cap’, without the hours at the gym. Thanks to

The Merch

Captain America Crew Socks With Wings. These socks might not help you run faster, but everyone will get a kick out of your style when you wear shorts. (Or let it be your fun secret under your 3-piece suit at work. Avengers, assemble!)


Captain America Brushed Nickel Ring. This subtle tip of the cap to Cap’ is a classy way to show your patriotic solidarity.


Captain America Sublimated Costume Fitness T-Shirt. Talk about a shortcut to good looks! Give the impression of a six-pack, while still downing six-packs on a regular basis.


Captain America Stars and Stripes Beanie. Baby, it’s cold outside. Cap’ can protect your chilly noggin with a, well, cap. This has the classic Captain America style.


Captain America Shield Black 39Thirty Cap. Remember when Natasha and Steve were on the run in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Get a similar look with this hat. (Sorry, Black Widow not included.)


Captain America Rhinestone Tank Dress. Ladies, you won’t need bulging guns to knock ’em out when you wear this Captain America dress.


Captain America American Dream Costume Leggings. Cap’s got your bottom covered with these leggins. (“Bottom covered.” If only, am I right?)


Captain America Shield Crew Socks. Here’s another pair of socks to give your feet the strength of the red-white-and-blue. Use with caution.