Facebook Events have become my de facto party planner. Okay, when I say “party,” I really mean “a quiet place to drink coffee and read and pray no one talks to me.” Regardless of what “party” means to you, I guarantee you’ll find some interesting events near you just by using Facebook Events.

Typically, I look at Facebook Events for two reasons. 1) A friend is “Interested” in something, so Facebook displays the event in my news feed. 2) I’m bored, the kids are turning into gamer zombies, and I don’t want to drop a small fortune on an animated movie that, really, no one wants to see.

That’s when I turn to Facebook Events!

What is a Facebook Event?

Anyone can create a Facebook Event. You can create an Event for a party or a family reunion. I create Events for my Girl Scout Troop for every meeting and outing we have. Restaurants, theaters and other businesses create Events for special occasions, sales and anything they want to promote.

Why create a Facebook Event? A few reasons.

  1. The format is always the same, so people know where to find the date, times and location for easy reference.
  2. Facebook gives your Event its own space for RSVPs, comments and discussions, and any additional information you want to give.
  3. You’ll be able to track anything to do with that Event by going to the Event’s page.
  4. The fourth — and very best — reason is that when you create a public Event, Facebook users in your area will see it, and those who are interested or RSVP’d “Yes” will be reminded of it frequently.

I discovered the beauty of Facebook Events a few years ago. I created one for our Girl Scout Troop’s cookie drive-thru. We had customers who showed up just because it came up in their Facebook news feed! Score!

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How to Find Facebook Events

Here’s what you do, depending whether you’re using Facebook on your computer or your mobile device. First, let’s look at Facebook Events on your mobile device. (I have an iPhone, so if you have a different phone, your screens may look slightly different.)

Obviously, log into Facebook. You should see your news feed, the one you see when you click Home.

Facebook Newsfeed

My Facebook Home Page / News Feed

In the bottom, right corner of your screen you’ll see three dashed lines. That’s a menu. Tap it. You should see something like this pop-up menu.

Facebook Mobile Menu

You should see a menu like this after you tap the three dashed lines.

Scroll down a bit to “Events.” Tap it.

Facebook Dashed Line Menu

Tap Events after you bring up the menu.

Now you should see your main Events screen. If you previously tapped “Interested” on any events, or you RSVP’d “Yes” to any Events, they will be listed here. Don’t fret if some are missing. Tap “SEE ALL” about halfway down the screen to see all of your “Interested” and “Yes” Events.

Mobile Facebook Events

This is my main Events screen on Facebook mobile.

The bar at the top says “Home,” “Calendar” and “Hosting.” Tapping “Calendar” will show you a (duh) calendar with your Events, instead of just a list. Tapping “Hosting” will show you just the Events you’re hosting, if any. Tapping “Home” will bring you back to this main screen.

Now comes the fun part! Those big, colorful buttons at the bottom of the screen are your party planners. They’re those friends who are always keeping an eye on what’s happening and nudging you to come with.

Tap “Today.” (You can always come back to this screen by tapping the back button in the upper left that looks like “<” .)

Facebook Events Today Menu

See what’s happening today near your location.

You will see Events happening near your location. As you can see on my Events list for today, there’s a local inauguration ceremony and roller skating for the kids. (Did I say “party” earlier? Hm, not so much. More of a snooze fest with some aches and pains thrown in for good measure.)

If you keep scrolling, you’ll see more Events near you. The more you scroll, the further away the Events will be.

The top bar (highlighted in hot pink) lets you look at Events happening tomorrow, this week and this weekend. Just tap one of the options to see your desired time frame.

I tapped “This Weekend” to see what’s coming up. Here’s what I got.

Interested in Facebook Events

I tap “Interested” to keep this Event on my radar.

I love Midtown Cinema, an independent movie theater in Harrisburg. I’m also curious to see The Disaster Artist. So, if I tap “Interested,” Facebook will list this Event in my main Events menu. Facebook will also remind me when it’s getting close. If I held my finger on “Interested,” I would get a dropdown menu that lets me choose “Going.” That way, the host knows how many people to expect. You can change your Event status at any time.

If you don’t see any Events that tickle your fancy, you can search other locations, as well as narrow your search to specific activities.

Facebook Events Search

Search Facebook Events in other locations.

Tap “Events, Nearby” in the top, middle of your screen. Facebook will offer other locations to check out, or you can enter a specific location in the search bar (next to the magnifying glass).

Facebook Events Filter

Filter for the type of activity you want to do.

Tap “Filters” in the top, right of your screen and a menu of different kinds of activities will pop up. If you’re looking for a hot game of Settlers of Catan, tap “Games.” If you’re looking for a brew fest, tap “Drinks.” You get the idea.

One of the greatest benefits of using Facebook Events is that you’ll discover stuff going on in your ‘hood that you had no idea existed. New adventures await!

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If you’d like to get step-by-step instructions for using Facebook Events on your computer, read on!

Desktop Instructions

Log into Facebook. Your Home page, or your news feed, should be the first screen you see. If not, click “Home” to get there.

Facebook Home News Feed

You’ll see Events listed in the left menu of your Facebook Home page.

Scroll down the page a bit and look at the menu on the left side of the screen. You should see the “Explore” heading, and then somewhere below it “Events.” Click on “Events.” (It should be high on the list. If not, click “See More” and look for “Events.”)

You’ll be taken to your main Events page. Mine looks like this. Yours should be similar. Let’s take a look at what’s on this page.

Main Facebook Events Home Page on PC

Your Facebook Events home page should look something like this.

In the top, middle of your screen Facebook lists any Events where you said you’re “Going,” and any Events where you clicked “Interested.” (Click “See All Upcoming Events” to see more. You can always come back to this screen.) These are mine; yours will look different.

Your Facebook Events

Your Facebook Events

In the upper left, you’ll see different options for viewing Facebook Events. “Calendar” will show you Events as they would look on a monthly calendar. “Birthdays” will show you current, upcoming and past birthdays of your Facebook friends. “Discover” will show you Events in which Facebook thinks you might be interested. And “Past” will show you Events that are already over. You know, in case you really need a solid bout of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out.)

In the center, you’ll see local Events in which Facebook thinks you’ll be interested. They’re pretty much the same ones you’d see if you clicked “Discover.”

Suggested Facebook Events

Facebook suggests Events to you.

However, those big, colorful buttons in the top, right of your screen are your ticket to fun!

Colorful Buttons of Facebook Events

Big, colorful buttons. Ooo!

As you can probably figure out from reading the buttons, you can look for Events happening today, tomorrow, this week and this weekend.

Today's Local Facebook Events

Today’s local Facebook Events.

These are the Events that popped up when I clicked “Today.” (Facebook defaults to Events near your location.) The menu on the left side of your screen helps you narrow down Facebook Events search results. You can choose a different time frame, a different location, and what kind of activity you’re interested in.

Menu Options for Facebook Events

Check out menu options for Facebook Events.

For instance, if I check “Film” under “CATEGORY,” these are my search results.

Films in my Facebook Events

I checked out film events happening near me.

When I see an Event I want to attend, like the Family Movie Night at my library, I have a couple of options. I can either click “Interested,” which keeps the Event in my Facebook feed, but doesn’t commit me to going. Or, I can click the “Interested” button again to get a pulldown menu and choose “Going,” which lets the host know how many people to expect. You can change your Event status at any time.

Interested in Film Facebook Events

This film looks interesting.

That’s pretty much it! Try clicking different menu options to find something fun to do. Remember, the further down you scroll, the further away the Events will be.

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Find out how to use Facebook Events to make sure you're never bored again! Plus, you'll discover fun places to visit near you that you never knew existed.

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