Calling all Muggles! Have you ever wanted to visit Hogwarts? Or see Godric’s Hollow? Surprisingly, I found Harry Potter in Lancaster County! Well, sort of.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has several magical places that seem like they are right out of the Harry Potter series. I just published an eBook, Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County: A Muggle’s Guide. My book will take you to seven sites, one for each book, across Lancaster County that will transport you into the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Why did I write this book? It seems like a crazy subject. Scroll down to find out why I was inspired to write a book about finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County — Amish country — that has nothing to do with the Amish!

Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County: A Muggle's Guide

Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County Book Cover


Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County was inspired by an article I wrote for a local newspaper. That article was inspired by a set of geocaches I wanted to place.

But it all began when a friend of mine suggested that I eat at the Gypsy Kitchen in Lancaster, because it looks like the Great Hall at Hogwarts. I took her advice and I fell in love with not only the restaurant, but also the building in which it’s located.

Gypsy Kitchen

Gypsy Kitchen

My imagination took off! I wanted to create a series of Harry Potter-themed geocaches that would take fans to places in and around Lancaster that looked like places from the Harry Potter books. I pictured fans arriving at a site and getting all excited about being somewhere Harry Potter-like. However, my time and energy for the project petered out.

Months later, I pitched an article to the York newspaper about seven places in Lancaster County that seemed like they were from the Harry Potter book series. They bought it and I wrote the article, which did pretty well, in terms of page views and readers. But the idea just wouldn’t let go of me, so I wrote the eBook. It’s my way of paying homage to both the wizarding world of J.K. Rowling and Lancaster County.


The eBook is short, but long enough to cover where to go in Lancaster County and why each place reminds me of Harry Potter. Here’s an excerpt:

The Gypsy Kitchen is a wonderful restaurant that resides inside a building that looks so much like the courtyard at Hogwarts, you’ll do a double-take. This Hogwarts look-alike is Dietz Hall, of Lancaster Theological Seminary, in downtown Lancaster, just off Harrisburg Ave. The exterior has covered brick walkways, stone paths and an arched entrance, just like the main courtyard at Hogwarts. There’s even a crest, centered above the walkway. Sadly, the crest doesn’t bear a lion, badger, raven or serpent.

Get your copy of Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County: A Muggle’s Guide and get exploring!