Media Medusa launched in the fall of 2013, when Gravity was the Oscar darling and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was on the horizon. If you are a loyal subscriber, you know that the newsletter has gone through many different styles. Sometimes we’ve shared only links to our content. Sometimes we’ve shared links to only someone else’s content. Sometimes there was a mix.

However, we have yet to hit upon a newsletter format that is successful in getting not only clicks from you, dear reader, but also new subscribers. So, yet again, we’re trying something new! (And this time, we’re giving it until next summer to see if it works.)

Moving forward, you will receive new articles from Media Medusa FIRST, right in your  newsletter, before they are posted on the blog. That means you will be the first to read our reviews, our commentary, or helpful guides to the TV, movies and books in which we have immersed ourselves.

The benefit of this format is that you will not be required to click a link to see a full article. However, the article will always live on the blog, for further perusal, if you so desire.

The idea is to incent new readers to sign up for the newsletter so that they, too, can get the good stuff FIRST. That way, we’re all part of an EXCLUSIVE Media Medusa club.

If you have thoughts or comments or suggestions about this new format, feel free to email me and let me know! In the meantime, look for a NEW article in a few days.

Warm regards,

Nancy Basile
Editor-in-Chief, Media Medusa