Tomboy Togs at Harrisburg Comic Con 2016

Harrisburg Comic Con 2016 Wrap-up

Harrisburg Comic Con 2016 was a hit, despite the cancellation of its main attraction, Caity Lotz. Our vendor-on-the-spot, Emily Bowman of Tomboy Togs, was there for the inaugural weekend. Here’s what she reports.

What topics or fandoms was it celebrating, i.e. Star Trek, fantasy, Ren Faire, anime?

It was billed as a comic con, however the guests included Katrina Law from The CW’s Arrow; Sean Schemmel, who voices Goku on the anime show Dragonball Z, to name a few.

How was it run? Could they do anything better?

For it’s first year, this show was run amazingly well. Honestly, my biggest complaint was the temperature. The main hall that the show was in did not have air conditioning, and unfortunately it got up to 90 degrees outside. The management did deal with it as best they could. I know that they did provide fans to some vendors selling temperature items. They also had volunteers coming around to provide the vendors with bottles of water. I had the opportunity to speak with Patrick, the gentleman in charge, and he is looking into ways to move the convention into the more expensive air conditioned section of the complex, without having to raise the prices significantly. I appreciate the fact that even during the event, they are looking at what they can improve for next year.

Who or what was most impressive about it?

I was impressed by quite a few things at this con. I loved the quality and variety vendors. Vendor wise, they had everything from comic and hobby shops, to original artists, to crafters like myself. My personal favorite being Marshmallow MBA, who makes amazing hand made gourmet marshmallows (including free samples, yum!).

I loved that they had quite a few non-profit groups represented. They had quite a few cosplay groups raising money for different causes (including the Harrisburg Ghostbusters who had their own Ecto 1 parked out front) extra life, and the Bodhana group to name a few. The Bodhana group is pretty neat. They advocate the use of tabletop gaming as a directed therapeutic practice. How cool is that?

I also really liked that the organizers gave the con attendees lots of opportunities to save money on admission. Not only were they selling discounted tickets in advance at local comic shops, but they also offered online specials through their web site and Groupon! I love a good deal, and to have a good deal on a comic con admission, even better!

Were there a lot of cosplayers? If so, who did you like best?

There were a lot of cosplayers! They had everything from kids in Halloween costumes, to adults in full screen-accurate outfits, and everything in between. My favorites included the full adult-size, screen-accurate Logray the Ewok, the young ladies who dressed as Yuna and Rikku from Final Fantasy X (one of my favorite video games), and the lady who dressed as Squirrel Girl. Oh, and I can’t forget the kiddo dressed in the screen-accurate Jawa outfit with the sign that said “Want to trade?” S/he got very excited when I offered to trade a Jawa finger puppet for a toy AT-ST.


I LOVE squirrel girl! #harrisburgcomiccon #tomboytogs #vendorlife #doreengreencosplay

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Would you go again?

Despite the extreme heat, I would definitely go again. I had a great time, met some awesome people and made some great connections. Knowing that the management is looking to improve what was already a really fun con, makes me excited to see what is in store for next year.

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  1. Linda Friedman

    Top Tomboy Emily is a great well rounded person. She knows what’s cool to make, and is raising two well behaved, happy boys on the side. Well, they are really front and center along with her husband. I could go on and on, because I’m her mother, but if you met her you know she’s special.

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