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Which Disney Princess Raked in the Most?

There’s no question that Elsa and Anna, those princess sisters from the north, have brought in an iceberg-sized sum at the box office. But how do they stack up to, say, Belle, from Beauty and the Beast? This week, Entertainment Weekly has a report on Frozen’s success, and how Disney didn’t prepare for it very well in terms of merchandising or theme park actors. Included in the article is a breakdown of domestic box office gross for twelve Disney princess movies, including Frozen. Here’s a fun infographic to let you visually compare each movie’s take.

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Which Disney Princess raked in the most at the box office? Click to see the infographic!


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  1. Brienne

    Are those figures adjusted for inflation?

  2. Brienne, yep. Those lovely folks at EW did the math for me, ’cause we all know how well theater majors can crunch numbers.

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