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Jeff Cofer

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  1. Annie

    Hi Jeff,
    I can tell that you are really, I mean really, are into John Mayer. I enjoy reading others opinions on new music and I appreciate that I can quickly scan your exhaustive opinion of each and every one of his forgettable songs. What I didn’t quickly glaze over, however is your comparrason to a “happy Jerry Garcia.” I’m curious, what is your experience with either Jerry or his music as a whole? In order for me to take your reviews seriously, I feel it’s important that you respond.

    Annie Jones

    • Annie,

      Thanks for your comments. I will address several of them.

      First, I am not, “into”, John Mayer. As my review states I have closely followed his career and analyzed his music. I feel that John is one of the most important and skilled American songwriters of the past 15 years. His composition abilities, mixed with his instrumentation, lyrics and production are well above average.

      Second, since you quickly scanned the opinion sections I wrote about each and every song you must have missed the descriptive, objective parts of my review. Also, I prefer the word, “thorough”, as opposed to, “exhaustive”, because proper reviews of anything are complete and thorough.

      Third, the vastness of, “forgettable”, music that Jerry Garcia is responsible for, both live and in-studio, is difficult to comprehend. Maybe that will be my next review. Thanks for the idea!

      Lastly, I am not concerned at all whether you take me seriously or not. But, since you asked I will describe my reasons for the comment, and my experience with Jerry and his music as a whole. I only ask that you listen to the part of Wildfire from John to understand my comment, if you can. John used a Gibson SGs during the recording of this song for the solo, the same guitar that Jerry played often. He also used a self-made effect pedal to create the sound for the record. Jerry often did this and was well known for how often he tinkered with his instruments and peripherals. The reference to a, “happy Jerry Garcia”, refers to songs Jerry recorded and played live with the Grateful Dead, the Jerry Garcia Band (also, Acoustic) and solo that were not the product of one of his drug-riddled, depressed, pointless, musical ramblings. His happier, more positive music often contained guitar solos that could only be described as, well, happy and positive. Kind of like John was happy and positive when writing and recording Paradise Valley, as mentioned in my review. I have seen and heard Jerry play live several times and always left early, being thankful in most cases that I didn’t pay for the tickets.

      I can tell you are really, I mean really, not, “into”, John Mayer. That’s cool. I hope whatever music you are, “into”, brings you half the enjoyment that John’s brings me. I hope you will do more than just quickly scan and glaze over the other content on Be warned, though. It is a review Web site so some of our content might be a bit too thorough for you.


      Jeff Cofer

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