2016 started off with collectable Lego minifigures Series 15. It comes in a rather noticeable orange bag. In contrast to Series 14, which concentrated on monsters and legends, this new collection of 17 little people (plus two animals, all in 16 different bags) is a really mixed bunch for the popular theme.

So, without further ado, let us have a look at Lego minifigures Series 15, following the official Lego numbering and using the nomenclature as copied from the Lego website. But with the usual twist … I’ll describe the Lego minifigures Series 15 (and my thoughts, on occasion), outline alternative uses, and even give you some tips on how to find them without ripping the bags open.

1 – Farmer

What you get: a bearded guy in boots and dungarees, complete with slouch hat, pitchfork, and a pig.
Further possibilities: well, make him a DIY enthusiast, or an Old West character.
Tactile tactics: feel for the pitchfork or the pig.

2 – Astronaut


What you get: a bearded guy in a white space suit, complete with helmet and flag.
Further possibilities: not really … but with a headswap you can build a team.
Tactile tactics: feel for the flag.

3 – Frightening Knight

What you get: a fully armoured knight with helmet, shield, and morning star weapon.
Further possibilities: swap the head for a spooky type, or even a skeleton, and you have a perfect ghost to fit in the Scooby Doo series.
Tactile tactics: feel for the morning star.

4 – Clumsy Guy

What you get: a guy in a banana-skin-shirt, with a bandaged head and leg, and two crutches.
Further possibilities: head bandage might come in useful as a turban.
Tactile tactics: feel for the crutches.

5 – Tribal Woman

What you get: a Cherokee woman with a papoose (that would mean “baby”, but you get the carrier also commonly called papoose as well).
Further possibilities: none really.
Tactile tactics: feel for the papoose, or the hair (long braids).

6 – Flying Warrior


What you get: a golden guy with armour, wings, and a lance. Upon first seeing this minifigure, I was identifying this immediately as the Archangel Michael.
Further possibilities: can be used in many a superhero scenario, or in a clerical setting, with the helmet and wings offering many conversion possibilities.
Tactile tactics: feel for the helmet, the wings, or the lance.

7 – Faun

What you get: a fellow with goat legs, horns, and a flute.
Further possibilities: none are immediately obvious, but the figure can be use in many scenarios.
Tactile tactics: feel for the legs …

8 – Animal Control Officer


What you get: a female with two facial expressions, in a ranger-type uniorm, with a butterfly net and a skunk.
Further possibilities: at first glance the torso is unisex, but closer inspection reveals it is female (hip outlines, shirt buttoning right over left). Nonetheless a swap for a different hat might make her a sheriff’s deputy in a second.
Tactile tactics: feel for teh butterfly net, or the skunk.

9 – Janitor

What you get: a bloke with a moustache (very much an “ethinic minority vibe” here) and a cap, in grey work clothes, with a mop.
Further possibilities: can be used as anything, from a delivery guy to a factory worker, with head swaps giving variety.
Tactile tactics: feel for the mop.

10 – Ballerina

What you get: female in a tutu (white).
Further possibilities: well, with head sawps you can have a full ballet troupe, but that’s it.
Tactile tactics: feel for the tutu (I’d never thought I’d ever write this!).

11 – Laser Mech

What you get: something that looks like a combination of a Cylon warrior and a battle-mecha from an anime series, with wings and a laser sword.
Further possibilities: well, some parts might come in useful – the blue hands would give a suited figure a certain Warehouse 13 vibe.
Tactile tactics: feel for the wings, and the sword.

12 – Kendo Fighter

What you get: a fellow practising kendo, Japanese fighting with wooden swords, complete with typical face mask.
Further possibilities: don’t really see them right now.
Tactile tactics: feel for the two swords, and the mask.

13 – Shark Suit Guy


What you get: a man in a shark suit … really.
Further possibilities: none really, but would be fun to mix him into the Lego City Deep Sea theme.
Tactile tactics: feel for the shark head.

14 – Wrestling Champion

What you get: muscular made-up guy with fancy hair, in skinmpy trousers, with a championship belt, and a trophy.
Further possibilities: you might be able to create further wrestlers to fight him, but that’s about it. The head has possibilities for glam-rock scenarios.
Tactile tactics: feel for the trophy.

15 – Jewel Thief


What you get: a female all in black, with a mask, and a grappling hook in a gun. A bit like Mission Impossible meets Entrapment.
Further possibilities: apart from multple uses for a black-clad female (hand me the whip) … c’mon, really? Get brunette/red hair of the same style, a female face without mask, and you have Black Widow. Only, Lego has a better Black Widow in their Superhero series.
Tactile tactics: feel for the grappling hook.

16 – Queen

What you get: a queen, 18th century style, with all the trappings.
Further possibilities: few to none.
Tactile tactics: feel for the massive “skirt” piece.

And then there is the conversion possibility that is too good and goofy to be missed – take the hair from No. 14, the head from No. 9, the torso and arms from No. 7, the legs from No. 15 … and without further ado, you have a porn star from the 1970s.

And yes … we’ll be adding images of the individual Lego minifigures Series 15 as we go and get them!