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Lou Martin

Lou Martin

Lou Martin is an aging film buff who has become far more interested in television serials and podcasts of late. He lives in the small former mining village of Daisytown, Pennsylvania, in a house that he is doomed to forever be remodeling. He grew up on Stars Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, and became a devotee of Oliver Stone after seeing Platoon. Catching up for lost time, Lou once vowed to watch a movie every day of his life and spent much of the 1990s trying to make good on that promise. Like many, The Phantom Menace left a sour taste in his mouth, and one too many Pulp Fiction knock-offs indicated that both Hollywood and independent film was losing steam. Lou feels that the Fellowship of the Ring was his last truly magical movie experience but still attends Wes Anderson and Coen Brothers films dutifully. While the Cineplex has faltered, TV has grabbed the baton and run with it. Lou feels that long serials that follow meandering lives not only transcend the formulaic nature of most films but also builds complicated characters with rich histories. The Sopranos and Six Feet Under began a golden age for TV dramas, and Battlestar Galactica proved that anti-heroes were as much at home in outer space as in the funeral parlors of Earth. When Lou can find a podcast like the one that Battlestar producer Ronald D. Moore recorded, even better.

Lou Martin is editor of Culture, Class, and Politics in Modern Appalachia, and author of Images of America: Hancock County, WV and Smokestacks in the Hills.

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