Hi! I’m Nancy Basile. I launched Media Medusa back in 2013 because I wanted to share my obsession with entertainment. I started out in Hollywood working for a casting director before I became a professional freelance writer.

If you found your way here, you’re probably looking for your next favorite TV show or movie franchise or book series. Never fear! I will point you in the right direction so you don’t wind up wasting your hard-earned “me time.”

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Binge-Watching Guide

Guide to 75 Binge-Worthy TV Shows – I created a handy .PDF for binge-watching. It lists 75 different TV shows. First, it’s sorted by title and genre. Then, it’s sorted by time. That way, you can decide what to watch based on how much time you have. I also include how many awards each show has won. Click the link to download the PDF.


New to superhero TV shows and movies? Start here – Here’s our complete guide to superheroes in the Marvel and DC universes. It includes all the current TV shows and movies.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Guide: Yes, You DO Need To Read The Books – Here’s our complete guide to everything related to Harry Potter. Find out more about J.K. Rowling, the books, the movies, the characters and everything else in the wizarding world.


Like Game of Thrones? Try These TV Dramas – If you love Game of Thrones, these TV dramas will tide you over until the show returns.

TV Shows Like Outlander – If you’re already a fan of Outlander, these TV dramas are right up your alley, with history, romance and lush locations.

9 Awesomely Addictive TV Shows Like Riverdale – The teen drama! The gorgeous cast! The misty locations! The saturated colors! Riverdale is completely addictive. Here are nine other TV shows that will also get you hooked.

Essential Episodes for Doctor Who – You want to dig into Doctor Who, but you don’t want to watch a gazillion episodes. These are the episodes to start with because they paint an accurate story of the good Doctor.

Like American Gods? Try These Trippy TV Shows – Watching American Gods is kind of like solving a puzzle, but you don’t have all the pieces. Yet. This list of TV shows will also blow your mind.


15 Best Disney Movies Ever – Don’t just take my word for it. I used actual data from the Internet Movie Database and other sources to find out which Disney movies are the cream of the crop.

5 Best Sci Fi Movies Starring Soldiers (and the Worst 1 Ever) – If the combination of science fiction and a military presence gets you pumped up, you should watch these five movies.

5 Short Horror Films that Really Freak You Out – Calling all horror fans! Get a quick fix with these short films that are full of suspense and gore. Most of them are free on YouTube.

5 Best Female Coming-of-Age Movies (According to a Man) – After seeing Lady Bird, contributing writer Mike Brown (a man) weighs in on the best female coming-of-age movies.

3 Very Different Empowering Movies for Girls – My daughter and I saw these three movies in quick succession in 2016. I was so happy I saw them with her, because they sent a powerful message about being a girl.

3 Most Under-rated Chris Evans Movies – Chris Evans was famous before he became Captain America, but he’s never really gotten the critical praise he deserves, nor have his movies. Check out these three under-the-radar flicks and you’ll see what I mean.


Best Audiobook Narrators – I absolutely love to listen to books in the car. It’s where I do most of my “reading.” These are the most entertaining audiobook narrators I’ve found.

Best Historical Fiction Set in England – I’m a crazy Anglophile. I love anything having to do with the United Kingdom So, I’m very attracted to historical fiction set somewhere in the U.K. These books taught me more about history than school!

I Like It Scot: I Rank Hottest Highlander Romance Authors – I also love romance novels, and I’m proud of it! Because I love Scotland, I found a specialty genre within romance — Highlander romance! Check out these fabulous book series.

Game of Thrones Extended Universe – Although this list includes more than books, the recommendations for reading beyond the TV episodes is well worth your time.


Me Time Toolkit – All the things you need to make the most of your downtime, including streaming services, hardware, snacks and drinks.