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Media Medusa, You’re on YouTube!

It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to be famous. That’s why I went to school for musical theater and then moved to Los Angeles.

As it turns out, I’m an introvert. Like, I excel at being an introvert. That doesn’t translate very well to promoting yourself or putting yourself into strange situations involving lots of people who want nothing more than to criticize you into an early grave. Or at least out of Hollywood.

Enter writing! I started writing about The Simpsons for in 1999. Seventeen years later, I’ve moved on from and I’m freelancing all over the place.


I have a lot of articles posted at, and the folks at Alltime10s must have stumbled upon something I wrote somewhere because they featured me in one of their videos. Yes, you read that right. I’m featured! They say my name and even call me a journalist. And there are two pictures! Two!

I would never have known about my fifteen seconds of fame if the daughter of my good friend, Reenie Panzini (yes, that’s her fantastic name!), hadn’t found it by accident, while looking at videos about cartoons on the YouTube.

So, without further ado, here’s my shout out! (Look for me at 3:25 minutes. I mean, we’re only here for me, right?)


My Favorite YouTubers

While I’m on the subject of YouTube, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite YouTube stars and channels with you. Because, you know, Facebook isn’t already sucking up enough of your time, right?

Rosanna Pansino

Nerdy Nummies is my all-time favorite YouTube show. My daughter and I started watching it years ago. Rosanna Pansino is cute as a bug’s ear and manages to convey baking instructions in the most palatable way possible. She started out just making treats that were video game-related, but moved on to include anything geeky or holiday-themed. I love the minimalist white and bright colors of her show. She’s funny and doesn’t mind spreading YouTube love with her sister and other YouTubers.

Rosanna Pansino Book Signing

I surprised my daughter last year by taking her to Ro’s cookbook signing at a local bookstore. She was stunned, to say the least. Ro was about the same height as my daughter, who was 9 years-old at the time! There wasn’t much time to talk, but she hugged my girl and signed her book. She was thrilled, and so was I.


How to Cake It

You might be noticing a pattern, but I assure you, these are the only two food-themed YouTube shows I watch.

My daughter and I just recently discovered How to Cake It with Yolanda Gampp. She makes incredible cakes. Sometimes they’re enormous, but always they look like the real thing. She has a Rain Man level of attention to detail. She’s also very personable and fun to watch. The first video we ever watched was her shark cake. It is unbelievable! Our other favorite cakes were the chocolate chip cookie mega cake (natch), the sushi cakes and “Pink Lemonade the Visual Cake,” which was inspired by Beyoncé. Yolanda is hilarious in that one!


How It Should Have Ended

My husband and I found How It Should Have Ended nine years ago. They find plot holes in blockbuster movies and spin them into comedy gold. I interviewed them years ago. They said HISHE started out as a passion project and grew into an actual money-making endeavor. Their Lord of the Rings spoof is as hilarious today as it ever was. Since then, we’ve enjoyed watching their videos with our kids, especially anything with Batman, the Frozen video and pretty much anything Marvel related.


Literal Movie Trailers

Toby Turner has a channel named Tobuscus, but the best videos on his channel are his literal movie trailers. He literally commentates what’s going on in a movie trailer, but it’s usually so on-the-nose and out of context that it’s hilarious. My husband’s and my favorite is probably Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

All right, I know everyone knows about The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It’s much more famous than any of the channels above. And I know it’s very mainstream and has very little to do with geekery. But! My husband and I, and now our children, are avid fans of Stephen Colbert. We watched him on The Daily Show, then The Colbert Report and now in his late-night talk show. He’s smart and silly and humble and enormously talented. My favorite bit of all-time is one with John Krasinski, another favorite actor of ours, when they have a puke-off.


What’s your favorite YouTube channel? Let me know in the comments below!


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