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Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Mike Brown lives along the muddy banks of the Ohio River near Pittsburgh with his lovely wife, Kelly, two loud foundling dogs, and an army of cats that, to say the least, are not likely to do his bidding. Mike spends a lot of time watching movies, in front of the TV, or thinking about movies or TV. “Do you think Maynard G. Krebs would like me. Do you think Maynard and Patrick from SpongeBob would be friends?” are subjects oft discussed with his wife*. Mike enjoys most kinds of rock and roll music and has been known to spend many hours holding forth on the genius of Elvis Presley, the guitar stylings of Tony Iommi, or why Sinead O’Conner is a much better singer than anyone working in popular music today (“It’s because she’s crazy. It makes her great!”). His wife and dogs dutifully indulge his opinions, but actually have no idea who Maynard G Krebs is and aren’t interested enough to look him up. * Mike is convinced that Maynard and he would be close friends, even though Mike has a full-time job, hates bongos, berets, and, to the best of his knowledge, has never met an actual beatnik.

Mike Brown is a writer who has self-published novels that are available on Amazon. Visit his author page at Amazon to find out more.

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