If you’re cutting cable, you’re probably looking at Netflix vs. Amazon Prime, Hulu and other streaming services. All those choices can be overwhelming. Each service offers something a little different than the others. None of them have everything under one roof, so to speak.

Let’s take a look at Netflix vs. Amazon Prime vs. Hulu. (You can also download this information in a .PDF chart.)

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Netflix vs. Amazon Prime or Hulu?

With so many streaming choices, you can get overwhelmed with deciding where to spend your money. Let’s break down the differences between the biggest streaming services.


Pros: Fantastic original programming across multiple genres. Finding and acquiring new content that isn’t well-known but turns out to be excellent.

Cons: The more they compete with Hollywood studios, the more Hollywood studios won’t sell them their prime movies and TV shows, so they might not be available to you. In fact, in 2018, there’s a movement to ban Netflix movies from earning an Academy Award.

Approximately $10 per month.

Amazon Prime

Pros: You get not only access to their Prime Video choices, but also free shipping, Prime Music and other perks. They’re beginning to develop winning shows, like The Big Sick and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Can add cable channels, like Starz and HBO.

Cons: If you want to watch a hit TV series or a hot movie, you’ll have to wait until its run its course on other services, which means a long time.

$99 per year.


Pros: Watch broadcast TV shows the day after they air. That’s HUGE. They used to offer them, like, a week later. Plus, Hulu has an enormous catalog of classic TV shows you won’t find easily on other services. And they’re taking a cue from Netflix and developing solid original programming, like The Handmaid’s Tale. Can add cable channels, like Starz and HBO.

Cons: Getting rid of ads is extra, on top of what you already pay. If you have any kind of on demand, like Xfinity, it’s duplicate stuff.

About $8 per month.

There are other services too, like HBO Now, CBS All Access and YouTube’s paid service. I didn’t cover these because they aren’t as comprehensive or as popular.

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