There are several Disney princess movies that I loved when I was growing up. Now when I watch them, I think, WTF? I count myself lucky that my daughter has always been more interested dragons than princesses. She loved Elsa for a while, but mainly for her powers, not her pretty dresses. Whenever she and my son happen to see a Disney princess story, we dissect what’s wrong with the plot and why those movies shouldn’t be held up as examples of dream lives.

For instance, The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite cautionary tales. Hey, girls, your most only goal in life is to marry a man! And to get him, all you need to do is LOOK PRETTY and NEVER TALK! All those old white men in the Academy of  Motion Picture Arts and Sciences were happy to reward that story with a golden statue.

The folks at Honest Trailers took a swing at the old-fashioned notions of Disney princess movies.