Oscar bingo cards are a must-have item for any Academy Awards party.

I had an Academy Awards party years before they were a thing. As a theater student, I loved going to Oscar parties with my friends. Living in Los Angeles, I couldn’t escape Academy Awards fever. It’s a bigger day than Christmas and Rosh Hashanah put together. So, when I invited several friends to dress up in their finery and attend my Oscar party, I was surprised to be met with confused looks. They came anyway. Now, I’m sure, thanks to me, they see themselves as trend setters.

Back when I threw my Oscar party, there were no baubles to buy at the party store, no “scene stealers” or fake trophies or pretend red carpets. My party was very DIY, with a red, plastic tablecloth standing in for the red carpet, and disposable cameras (yeah, remember those?) handed out for paparazzi moments. For decorations, I used generic gold and black stuff from the party store, and did my best to make our rec room look, well, less like a rec room. I also gave the guests ballots to fill out, to guess who would win the big categories.

Nowadays, all of above is de rigeur for the awards season. Stores put out their awards party stuff starting in January. Pinterest is packed with ideas for awards parties. And, everyone knows what you’re talking about when you mention an Oscar party.

Oscar Bingo Cards

To help other movie fans (and anyone who’s just looking for an excuse to party), I’ve created these Oscar bingo cards. The beauty of these Oscar bingo cards is that they can be used EVERY YEAR. That’s right. You won’t find a name or title on these cards. You can use them over and over again.

How, you may be asking, can you use Oscar bingo cards every year? Because these cards have mark-off items that are awards show staples. The Academy Awards has moments that are the same every year, no matter which actor, actress, director, writer, or producer is part of it. There will always be a winner who cries, or thanks God, or thanks their parents, or tells their kids to go to bed. There will always be camera shots of the audience, like someone with their mother, or someone who’s not happy with a joke. And there will always be times when the host’s mic cuts out, or they make a joke about how the show is running too long.

These are the timeless chestnuts we see every year during the Academy Awards. These Oscar bingo cards have them all. Just click a thumbnail to open it in a new browser window, then print it. There are four different cards.

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Oscar Bingo Cards 1   Oscar Bingo Cards 2

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