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Paramount Is Alienating Their Fan Base

I think this is a case of decision makers listening to marketing people. It doesn’t help when it seems like neither of those two groups are fans.


By now, you may know that Star Trek Into Darkness is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Video, and direct programming into your frontal lobe. I’m being facetious with the last one, although that technology is probably within our life time. If you were unaware that Star Trek Into Darkness was available for purchase, you’re welcome. If you think, “Wait—that movie was just in theaters three months ago! Why is it already out for sale?”, well, that’s a different subject for a different day.

Even people who knew the movie was out for purchase may not be privy to the fact that Paramount Home Video has decided to split all the extras available between many different sets. Some of the “exclusive” extras made specifically for the home market are only available through specific retailers!

To put it another way: If you’re a fan and are slavering for all the extra bits such as deleted scenes, gag reels, audio commentary, behind-the-scenes documentaries, etc., and  you want access to three and a half hours that is technically available, you will be buying multiple copies of the same movie to get it all. Oh, and some content is only available on-line.

Although frowned upon, studios spreading out their content isn’t new. The sheer amount of it with this particular film, however, is. People may say that since the home video market is heading toward digital streaming, but as of now there are still fans who want to keep their DVD/Blu-Ray collection complete.

Paramount is biting the Star Trek fans’ hand that feeds them, and has done so since before the film was released in theaters. This was the studio that wanted a big mystery to drum up interest (“Who is this villain?”); eventually leaking the information it was a man named John Harrison while emphatically denying he would be Khan. As if Star Trek fans, the people who, since the 1960s, wore Vulcan ears while attending science-fiction conventions, had forgotten a character from earlier productions.

In light of that non-understanding of the people who love Star Trek, it’s no surprise that they’re putting thumb screws to fans. This is a transparent money grab from a fan base that spans generations.


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  1. That sucks that Paramount is doing that. Smart business strategy, sure. But in the long run, you’re right. Who’s going to buy all those? Most likely the good bits will end up on YouTube or something.

    As for Into Darkness. Ugh. I wouldn’t buy even one DVD, anyway.

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