Powerless was canceled before the TV show had a chance to air all of its episodes. DC Comics website posted one of the unaired episodes as a tribute to the late Adam West, who guest-starred before his death. An actor who excels at meta humor guest-starring on a meta comedy? Brilliant!


Powerless died an early death before audiences had a chance to even find it. NBC did a lousy job with marketing, making it look like a cut-rate superhero TV show, rather than the absurd office comedy it was. (Think WKRP.) NBC aired clips showing secondary superheroes and Vanessa Hudgeons doing goofy facial expressions. No doubt viewers wondered why they should tune in to see Crimson Fox and Green Fury, rather than Superman or Wonder Woman.

NBC should have highlighted the chemistry between the castmates and the genius — GENIUS — performance of Alan Tudyk as Van Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s cousin. Powerless was at its best when the slacker staff made fun of their uptight boss, or when the cynical assistant outwitted her man-child of a boss. Powerless was a character piece, similar to The Office, which required that the audience get to know the characters, not the superfluous superheroes who flew around Charm City.

Full Review

I wrote a lengthy list for Comic Book Resource on why Powerless was better than you think (although the title my editor chose was misleading). Read that list if you want to know more about why you should watch Powerless, either online or on demand or in some form of purchase (iTunes or Amazon).

In the meantime, visit DC Comics to watch the unaired Powerless episode guest-starring Adam West, the original Batman, who will be sorely missed.

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