How to read Media Medusa on Flipboard.

How to read Media Medusa on Flipboard.

I’ve been asked several times why Media Medusa doesn’t have an app. There are a few different reasons. First, the blog looks pretty good in browsers on mobile devices. If it was unreadable or unwieldy, I would be more likely to consider making a Media Medusa app. The other reasons are the same reasons people don’t do most things: lack of time and money.

However! There is a way to read Media Medusa on an app, just not our app. Just about every blog post Media Medusa has ever posted, as well as stuff I’ve written for other websites, can be read using Flipboard. Flipboard is a customizable newsreader app that can show you not only articles and blog posts, but also social media posts. It takes away most of the clutter, like ads, and makes everything easier to read. Plus, you can “turn the pages” like you can with a real magazine.

Lou Martin turned me onto Flipboard years ago, when apps were a newfangled thing. Flipboard launched back in July 2010 and was an early success. According to “Fast Company,” Flipboard was among the top 10 iPad apps in its early days, according to rankings by AppAnnie. It started losing popularity as other apps crowded the market, and apps like Facebook and Twitter got better at serving up their newsfeeds. Flipboard recently revamped their app to keep pace with the changes in how people read websites and their social media, so there’s no better time to become a Flipboard user.

Download Flipboard





Mobile Devices

Once you’ve set up your account, you should be taken to a home screen. (I’m referring to the mobile app, not the website, for these step by step instructions. The screenshots are from my own iPhone.)

When you follow people on Flipboard, some of the stories they have flipped, liked and commented will appear in your Cover Stories. It will also add the person to your Following list. Here’s how to follow Media Medusa.

Tap your face to get to your own page.

Flipboard home screen

Tap the magnifying bar to search for us.

Flipboard magazines

Type “Nancy Basile” (without quotes) in the search box.

Type Nancy Basile

You should see Nancy’s face appear, with “mediamedusa” under it. Tap it.

Nancy Basile is Media Medusa

Now you should see one of our latest articles. Tap the bar at the bottom (with the down arrow) for a menu of “My Magazines.”

Androids article

There will be three dots to the right of my picture. Tap that, and tap “Add to home” to get all of our articles on Flipboard.

Follow Nancy Basile

If you want to follow only specific topics, or magazines, scroll up and tap on the magazine from which you want to see articles, for instance, TV Cartoons.

Follow Media Medusa's Flipboard magazines

Then tap “Follow” in the upper right to get articles from that specific magazine on Flipboard.

Follow Media Medusa on Flipboard


To read or follow our magazines on the website, go to

  1. Click “magazines.”
  2. You will be able to see all of our articles, collected together by topic, in a variety of magazines. Occasionally I’ll add other articles I’ve written for other websites, like or

Flipboard also has a Help Center where you can find tutorials and other helpful tips.

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