Robot Chicken is a stop-motion animated comedy. Legions of action figures are used to spoof everything from Quentin Tarantino’s blood-spattered epics to The Real World to TV bloopers.

How is Robot Chicken animated?

A team of artists and technicians create miniature sets, tiny yet elaborate costumes and props and intricate action scenes for sketches skewering popular entertainment, politics and celebrity culture. The parodies are played out using stop-motion animation.

Guest Stars

Seth Green and a number of celebrities provide voices, including Scarlett Johannson, Burt Reynolds, Ryan Seacrest, Mark Hamill, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mila Kunis, Christian Slater, Phyllis Diller, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Seth MacFarlane and Macauley Culkin.


The creators of Robot Chicken are Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. Green is well-known for his acting roles in dozens of movies such as the Austin Powers movies and The Italian Job, as well as the hit TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is also the voice of Chris in Family Guy.


Matthew Senreich was editor of ToyFare, a magazine about action figures, and then editorial director for all of Wizard Entertainment’s publications.

Green and Senreich met through their mutual love of toys and action figures. They hit it off and began discussing a way to bring them to life through animation. After collaborating on a project for Sony’s web site, the duo pitched a fast-moving pop-culture sketch show to Adult Swim. Robot Chicken was given the greenlight in spring 2004. The first episode aired in February 2005. The cartoon has aired several special episodes, including three Star Wars spoofs, a DC Comics special, and two Christmas specials.