Squidbillies takes place in the North Georgia Mountains, birthplace of hell raising and inhalant huffing. At the epicenter of this rural paradise is Dougal County, home to crippling gambling addictions, murderous corporations, sexual deviants and the authentic southern mountain squid. The Cuyler family, a close-knit crew of squids stranded in the hills of north Georgia, has adapted to the gun-shooting, law-skirting ways of the natives. Lots of brown liquor-fueled rage and regret are included. The Cuylers chase the southern dream of a rewarding job in the food service industry, all while using violence and alcohol to tackle life’s toughest problems.

Early Cuyler is not long out of the correctional facility, where he served 15 years, when he discovers he has a bastard son, Rusty. His favorite possessions are his many interesting ball caps, including one that says, “David Allan CEO, Live, Macon (GA).” He’s got three teeth left, and a quick temper to match his quick trigger finger.

While Early was in prison, Rusty Cuyler was raised by wolves. Now he’s with Early, but misses the wolves. His two favorite possessions are his Camaro and his iPod.

Granny, the clan’s matriarch, occasionally stops by when she isn’t deep in conversation with Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior. She tries to guide Early spiritually, but without much success. She’s super old and refuses to die.

Lil is Early’s sister. She’s a hair stylist and meth lab technician. She tries to mother Rusty, but seeing as she’s usually cooking up meth, it’s not really helping Rusty much.

Dan Halen is the local big businessman. His successful businesses include all kinds of sheetrock, pharmaceuticals and baby food.

The Sheriff is basically a nice guy. Too nice because he ends up on the wrong end of the cattle prod with Early too many times. He has a big heart, but a small, small brain.



According to the creators, many, many pilot scripts were created and rejected for Squidbillies. Eventually, the Williams Street (the Adult Swim production company) show was given the greenlight with Fortier and Willis as writers and producers. The first episode aired Sunday, October 16, 2005.


Davis Willis and Jim Fortier grew up in Conyers, Georgia, a town with its share of rednecks (their words, not mine!). Both worked as writers and producers on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. When Adult Swim launched in 2001, Jim worked as a writer and producer on The Brak Show. Dave, with Matt Maiellaro, helped create Aqua Teen Hunger Force.