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Apple Earbuds

Audible Transformed the Way I Do These 3 Things

Audible has made so many things in my life easier to do. It’s like my secret weapon in my never-ending struggling to¬†get stuff done. In fact, I look forward to doing things I used to dread. Audible makes three time-sucking tasks a pleasure to do, and I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time anymore. […]

Books in a Row

How to Read More, Watch TV Less

A lot of us busy bees want to read more. If you’re a book lover, it’s always one of your goals. We have stacks of books on the nightstand, waiting to be devoured. We have “to-read” lists on Goodreads that scroll for days. I even keep a mental list of books that friends have mentioned […]

Best Audiobook Narrators / For Macro Monday Flickr Group / Theme Hobby or Hobbies / June 7, 2010 / Jeff Golden

Best Audiobook Narrators, Most Entertaining

The best audiobook narrators keep you entertained and engaged, without becoming monotonous or boring. But how do you know which books will be entertaining to listen to? Keep reading. Why audiobooks? Audiobooks make so many tasks more palatable for me. Listening to the best audiobook narrators¬†is like the proverbial carrot on the end of a […]


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