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Picture shows: Peter Capaldi as The Doctor / BBC

‘Doctor Who’ Recap and Review for “Kill the Moon”

We’ve hit the midpoint of Series 8 with Doctor Who and Peter Capaldi with this week’s “Kill The Moon” episode. We’re finally getting a taste of who Capaldi’s Doctor is. This is honestly the first time we’ve seen the “darker side of the Doctor” that we were promised all year prior to the start of […]

Doctor Who "The Caretaker" / BBC

‘Doctor Who’ Recap: “The Caretaker”

“The Caretaker” features the return of the Doctor’s pseudonym, John Smith, and the return of a Coal Hill School-centric scenery as the Doctor takes an open temporary caretaker position at the school where Clara is a teacher with her boyfriend math teacher Danny Pink. The reason this is important: the Doctor finally meets the other man […]

Doctor Who

“Time Heist” Recap of ‘Doctor Who’

The episode was fantastic in a sort of Memento way, working backwards to reveal the reason for the heist. However, as a fan it was slightly predictable. Still, the clever writing prevailed throughout, and some of my favorite lines are merely in passing at the end of the episode in the Tardis. Next week, the Doctor […]


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