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Leon Protector of the Playground

‘Leon: Protector of the Playground’ by Jamar Nicholas

Leon: Protector of the Playground, by award-winning comic book creator Jamar Nicholas, is a love letter to childhood. But let me back up a little. In 2013, I attended Wildcat Comic Con in Williamsport, Pennsylvania as a guest. I was given a VIP pass, a booth in the vendors area, and an hour to talk about […]

Top 10 The Flash Comic Book

Top 10 Flash Moments in Comic Books

The DC All Access crew picked top 10 Flash scenes, meaning ten of Barry Allen’s fastest, best-est moments from the comic books. During the week of March 9th, Amazon has several books of The Flash on sale. Put these two things together and you’ve got a recipe for quick and easy  entertainment. (Links will open in […]

Green Lantern and Green Arrow / DC

Top 10 Greatest Green Arrow Moments

DC All Access is a web series about hot happenings in the DC universe, whether it’s comics, TV shows or movies. This list of top 10 Green Arrow moments from the comic books includes a storyline written by fanboy auteur Kevin Smith. They go all gooey, talkin’ ’bout Green Arrow — Ollie Queen to those who […]

The Amazing Spider-Man Spin-off Ideas

‘Spider-Man’ Spin-Off Ideas

Who will star in The Amazing Spider-Man spin-off? There’s a fun interview with Amazing Spider-Man director, Marc Webb over on CraveOnline where he teases a possible Spider-Man spin-off starring a character from the same universe. But who could it be? Movies So Far First a little Spider-Man background. I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man, even though it wasn’t […]


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