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Wonder Woman No Mans Land

Wonder Woman: A Lover and a Fighter

Wonder Woman was always meant to be an advocate of love and peace. She became more of a warrior only in the last two decades. Wonder Woman effectively combined both of those roles, which has led to more than one casual fan asking themselves about Wonder Woman’s history. Comic Book Resources, one of the websites I […]

DC Movies Timeline Header

DC Movies Timeline or DC Extended Universe

DC movies are being released as fast as lightning (remind you of anyone?) to compete with Marvel’s jam-packed roster of superhero movies. 2016 saw the release of two DC movies within only a few months of each other. Warner Bros. will release two DC movies in 2017, as well. I recently created a Marvel movie timeline […]

Powerless Header

‘Powerless’ the Unaired Episode

Powerless was canceled before the TV show had a chance to air all of its episodes. DC Comics website posted one of the unaired episodes as a tribute to the late Adam West, who guest-starred before his death. An actor who excels at meta humor guest-starring on a meta comedy? Brilliant! Background Powerless died an […]


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