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Aladdin on Carpet with Jasmine

‘Aladdin’ Diamond Edition Worth the Wait

When I saw Disney’s Aladdin in the movie theater, way back in 1992, I remember being blown away by not only the caliber of the music, but also the incredible performance of Robin Williams. Sure, Jasmine is included in any princess merchandising, and Aladdin is remembered for being the plucky boy who won her heart, but […]

Descendants cover art (PRNewsFoto/Walt Disney Records)

Disney’s ‘Descendants’ Soundtrack

Disney has a long, long history of scoring wonderful music for movies. Walt Disney Records will release the soundtrack for Disney’s Descendants on Friday, July 31, the day the eagerly-anticipated movie premieres on Disney Channel (8:00 p.m. ET/PT).  The soundtrack pre-order is available now.   It features the single “Believe,” performed and written by 16 year-old […]

Joy / Inside Out / Disney-Pixar

‘Inside Out’ Easter Eggs

Inside Out is Pixar’s latest movie, about what goes on inside a young girl’s mind. Her emotions are the main characters, each one of them performing different duties for Riley, the 11 year-old girl they inhabit. Riley isn’t too happy because they just moved to San Francisco. When Joy is lost in the recesses of […]


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