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Doctor Who American Adventures Book

‘Doctor Who: The American Adventures’ Review

Did you know that originally Doctor Who was created in order to teach history to children? The First Doctor traveled back in time to places like the ancient Mayan civilization and cavemen. The BBC had initially intended him only to travel backwards in time for this purpose. Obviously, in modern Who, the Doctor has free […]

Picture shows: Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara.

Will Doctor Who be in the Lego Movie?

The internet was abuzz with a meeting of giants. Giants of pop-culture, that is, as it was hinted that Doctor Who might play a part in the next Lego movie. The story broke on io9.com, though the headline promised more than the article could deliver. Namely that director Rob Schrab “teased that Warner Bros. and […]

Picture shows: (l-r) Jenna Coleman as Clara, Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. Adrian Rogers, © BBC/BBC Worldwide 2014

Essential Episodes for ‘Doctor Who’

New To ‘Who?’ Here’s Where to Start! A friend asked me recently, knowing I’m a Whovian expert, for some quintessential Doctor Who episodes to introduce someone to the series without getting too deep into the massive story arcs. Here is the list I came up with and the rationale behind each suggestion, which are not […]


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