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Game of Thrones / HBO

‘Game of Thrones’ Merchandise for Die-Hard Fans

Game of Thrones merchandise is a way to let fans show their kingdom pride. Some fans have no sense of dignity when it comes to letting their freak flag fly. There’s a subtle difference between the fan walks into fye and buys a Game of Thrones t-shirt that has every cast member’s face painted in a collage across the front, […]

Arrow / Three Ghosts / The CW

Binge Watching Equals Binge Eating

Have you ever accidentally made an association between two of your favorite things? I recently realized I have created a strong association between two of my favorite things, a TV show and a food, without meaning to do so. We’ve all read and heard about research that shows TV viewers are getting fat because we […]

Game of Thrones

Lamenting the Recently Dead on ‘Game of Thrones’

Massive Spoilers for the already aired Game of Thrones Season Finale And some Harry Potter spoilers One good thing about killing off favorite characters is that it keeps readers and viewers on their toes and establishes the idea that, essentially, anything can happen. And no show has ever done that better than Game of Thrones. They […]


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