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Zombie, Inc.

‘Zombie, Inc.’ by Chris Dougherty

In a world overrun by dystopian, zombie-laden futures, this book stands out. Post-apocalyptic (because of the zombies, of course) novels are a dime a dozen. Seriously—do an on-line search for that broad category and you’ll find more than you can possibly read, for not much money. Zombies have invaded most genres as well; they’re not […]

Everything Here is a Nightmare / Nelson W Pyles

‘Everything Here Is A Nightmare’ by Nelson W Pyles

The title of Everything Here is a Nightmare, an anthology by Nelson W Pyles, is a paradox. It’s both true and untrue. It’s true because every story included is truly a nightmare. Some are straight up horror with zombies and werewolves and chopped up people used as ornaments on a Christmas tree; while others are much […]

The Scarlet Gospels / Macmillan

‘The Scarlet Gospels’ Review

As a horror fan, I have a history with visionary director and writer Clive Barker.  When I was in my teens, I was a huge fan of his books and he introduced me to many horrific ideas that Stephen King usually didn’t get into.  Barker’s world was often a torrid world, where H.P. Lovecraft travelled […]


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